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If you were thinking about getting something new for your car, that would enlighten road ahead, then you’re at the right place. LED light bar does just that.

First of all, you should remember that there are certain characteristics you want to check first for the light bar, like: IP rating, beam pattern, voltage, dimensions… and others. I’ll try my best to explain everything, so it’s clear as the blue sky.

Light Bar Report is something I always wanted as an off road riding enthusiast: a good place where you can view through the collection of led light bars with detailed guides. After I made tons of work, I can say for sure – this resource covers all the needed information to help you choose the best led light bar.

I want to say thanks to those who made this website possible: extreme & veteran riders, vivid enthusiasts, men that work in automotive industry – guys, I express my deep gratitude for your personal experience and wisdom that you share with the people!

Whether you’re looking for some help choosing your first led light bar or you’re a pro who’s been riding for years, this resource will help you find exactly what you need. Feel free to contact me at info@lightbarreport.com, and be sure to say hi at my facebook!

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