Best 40 inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Forty-inch LED light bars are a great choice when seeking extreme illumination and a lower price compared to a full-size 50-inch model.

Most manufacturers offer this size, so you have a wide array of lighting capabilities, LED configurations, beam patterns and prices from which to select.

Although most buyers mount a 40-inch light bar overhead above the windshield, on a rack or on the roof, this size fits well in grills and below the bumper too. They make an outstanding scene illumination light for emergency or public service vehicles as well.

Our Top Recommended 40-inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Black Oak 40-Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak 40-Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak’s 40 inch LED light bar features a dual-row configuration of 80 3W or 5W super-efficient and long-lasting OSRAM LEDs. The 5W version delivers 44,000 raw lumens of murk-smashing ultra-bright light.

Like all Black Oak LED light bars, it is built to withstand the roughest trail conditions, water, dust and ice. It comes with a complete wiring harness, brackets and a lifetime warranty. This light comes in a curved housing as well.

Specs for 3W/5W Osram LED Versions

led featuresWatts: 240W/400W

led featuresCurrent draw: 16.1A/29A

led featuresDimensions: 3.3 inches high by 43 inches long overall

led featuresWeight: 15.4 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 80 3W or 5W OSRAM

led featuresRaw lumens: 24,880/44,000

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP69K

led featuresBeams: Flood, Spot, Combo, Flood

led featuresAccessories: IP69K wiring harness and stainless hardware

led featuresWarranty: 90-day satisfaction guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


This is Black Oak’s second biggest dual-row light bar. Its length complements smaller cars, while sacrificing little in brightness. It boasts a phenomenal IP69K rating against submersion, heavy dust or deep snow. It is a favorite of heavy equipment operators and public service vehicles for forward, rear and side illumination.


Black Oak LED light bars are long on performance and economy. Their 40-inch dual-row light performs and lasts as well as higher-end competing LED light bars that cost 50 percent more. As such, they represent the highest value in high-quality LED light bars.

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Vision X Xmitter Prime 40-inch Xtreme Intensity LED Light Bar Review

Vision X Xmitter Prime 40-inch Xtreme Intensity LED Light Bar

Vision X’s 40 inch LED light bar delivers a stunning 38,000 raw lumens of light with either 10-degree or 40-degree beam configurations. It features 72 5W top-bin LEDs in two rows and Vision X’s Prime Drive technology to control temperature and extend LED life. The heavy-duty aluminum housing, shatterproof lens and custom seals withstand the harshest environments including racing and industrial applications.


led featuresWatts: 360W

led featuresCurrent draw:

led featuresDimensions: 4 inches high by 39.8 inches

led featuresWeight: 18.5 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 72 5W CREE

led featuresRaw lumens:

led featuresIntrusion rating:

led featuresBeams: 10-degree spot or 40-degree flood

led featuresAccessories: IP68 wiring harness and mounting hardware

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


Vision X’s pulse-width-modulation circuitry turns the LEDs on and off at invisible speeds to optimize their operation. If you add a PWM controller, you can use PWM for a juice-saving light bar dimmer as well. This 40-inch light bar is built to take a beating in off-road or roadwork applications, while providing industrial-strength brightness and reliability.


This wide, bright, dual-row LED light bar stands shoulder to shoulder with the best light bars in the world. It is built inside and out for top performance and a lifetime of operation. The 40-inch Xtreme from Vision X is built for serious buyers.

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Arsenal Offroad Curved 40-Inch 240W LED Light Bar Review

Arsenal Offroad Curved 40-Inch 240W LED Light Bar

Arsenal Offroad’s 40 inch LED light bar’s subtle curve adds style and more beam spread than ordinary roof-mounted light bars. It uses 80 USA-made 3W CREE LEDs to produce a 19,200 raw lumen, 6000K beam in a spot, flood or combo pattern. In combo, 48 center LEDs provide a 30-degree spot, while 24 LEDs on each end deliver flood illumination. It has a respectable IP67 intrusion rating and 30,000 hour LED lifespan.


led featuresWatts: 240W

led featuresCurrent draw: 20A

led featuresDimensions: 3. 5 inches high by 42 inches long

led featuresWeight: 10 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 80 3W CREE

led featuresRaw lumens: 19,200

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP67

led featuresBeams: Flood, Spot, Combo

led featuresAccessories: Complete wiring harness and brackets

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 1-year defect warranty


If you want a big, bright light bar at an affordable price, the Arsenal Offroad 40 inch curved LED light bar was made for you. Its nearly 20,000 raw lumens handily beats out competing light bars in its price range. The 30-degree spot beam has ample darkness penetration too. It is rugged enough to stand up to harsh trails and weather.


Arsenal’s 40-inch curved light bar has a great look and provides an ideal wide-width driving beam. It is nearly as bright as top-end light bars in this length, but comes at a fraction of the price of those. For the weekend warrior, this is a superb value.

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Tuff Stuff Performance 40-inch Single Row LED Light Bar Review

Tuff Stuff Performance 40-inch Single Row LED Light Bar

Tuff Stuff’s single-row light bar features a sleek, low-profile design that complements any vehicle’s contours. It features special no-vibration, sliding feet for mounting versatility. Over 10,000 raw lumens from 24 5W USA-made CREE LEDs in a 30/60-degree combination beam sear any surrounding gloom. The robust, IP67, die cast aluminum housing adds superb protection against environmental hazards. The kit includes a complete wiring harness.


led featuresWatts: 120W

led featuresCurrent draw: 9.6A

led featuresDimensions: 2.9 inches high by 39.2 inches

led featuresWeight: 9 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 24 5W CREE LEDs

led featuresRaw lumens: 10,800

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP67

led featuresBeams: Combination flood/spot only

led featuresAccessories: IP67 wiring harness and mounting hardware

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 18-month limited warranty


Tuff Stuff’s 40 inch LED light bar is popular with buyers who appreciate the additional mounting flexibility of the sliding feet compared to other brands’ end-cap brackets. This light bar is super bright and its combo beam is tuned perfectly for low- and high-speed driving situations.


Tuff Stuff Performance has combined high-quality design and components to make an outstanding single-row 40-inch light bar that will endure all the rigors of the trail and harsh weather. Shop the price on this one as it often sells at healthy discounts.

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KC HiLiTES (337) C40 40-inch 228W LED Bar with Harness Review

KC HiLiTES (337) C40 40-inch 228W LED Bar with Harness

KC HiLites’ C-Series 40 inch LED light bar is the perfect balance of top performance and affordability. Its combination spot/flood beam pattern is one of the highest penetration beams in this category. This light craves extreme trail conditions with its extruded aluminum housing, shatterproof lens and IP67 rating. It comes with a complete wiring harness and clear or amber LEDs are available.


led featuresWatts: 240W

led featuresCurrent draw: 20A

led featuresDimensions: 3 inches high by 42 inches long

led featuresWeight: 12 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 76 3W LEDs

led featuresRaw lumens: 15,960

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP67

led featuresBeams: Combo with 12-degree spot and 30-degree flood

led featuresAccessories: IP67 wiring, mounting brackets

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


The KC HiLites 337’s brightness falls in between the Black Oak and the Tuff Stuff light bar as does its price. It is built for rugged trails, ice, snow, fording creeks and lots of dust. The low-profile reduces air resistance, while offering a sleeker look than other dual-row light


The price of this 40-inch light bar from KC HiLites is not much lower than Black Oak’s 40-inch light bar, but it does offer a lower profile, a rugged build and high-performance LEDs. If you have other KC HiLites, then definitely you will want to stick to this brand.

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Rough Country 72940BLKDRL 40-inch Dual Row CREE LED Curved Light Bar White DRL

Rough Country 72940BLKDRL 40-Inch Dual-Row Curved LED Light Bar With DRL

Rough Country’s premium quality curved 40-inch LED light bar is a cut above the rest. It utilizes 80, top-bin 3W Cree LEDs, a tight 10-degree center spot plus 60-degree flood beams for level, broad and void-free illumination. An additional 40 LEDs furnish a DRL strip for daytime driving.

Housed in a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing with a PC cover and quality seals, it is rated IP67 for moisture and dust intrusion and outputs 21,600lm of white light.

Most later model Dodge truck owners can mount this light seamlessly in the front bumper with Rough Country’s 70569 hidden bumper brackets.


Rough Country receives rave buyer reviews for their rugged build, design and high performance light bars. This 40-inch curved light supports that reputation. The DRL function provides a unique look and additional safety.


led features40-inch curved light bar

led features10-30V input range

led features21,600lm rating

led features80 3W nighttime LEDs, 40 3W DRL LEDs

led featuresIP67 intrusion rating

led featuresCombo spot/flood beam

led featuresIncludes brackets and IP68 wiring harness


This is a premium light bar with one of the tightest, deep-reach spots offered in this light bar size. Well worth it when you consider the quality built into this flamethrower.

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LED Light Bar, Autofeel 40 inch 25000LM 220W Three Color Modes Spot and Flood Beam Combo Lights Dual Row Off Road Fog & Driving Light Bars for Jeep Ford Trucks Boat (Warm White/Amber/White)

AutoFeel 40-Inch 220W/25000lm Three-Color Foldable Dual-Row LED Light Bar

This AutoFeel 40-inch flamethrower LED light bar is unique:

  • Two 20-inch bars center-hinged for folding
  • White, amber-white or amber light modes
  • Modern straight-line housing design

It offers striking illumination power at 25000lm, a rugged housing and shatterproof PC lenses. Plus, it boasts a better-than-most IP68 rating.


led features80 3W Cree LEDs

led features240W/25000lm brightness

led featuresThree color modes: white, amber/white, amber

led featuresCenter hinge allows folding up to 180 degrees

led featuresEach module is flood/spot/flood sectioned

led featuresShatterproof PC lens

led featuresIP68 anti-moisture rating

led featuresTwo-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

The design features are showy, but buyers also rave about this best 40-inch light bar’s brightness, solid construction and three color modes while shrugging off the lack of wiring harness or instructions.

Pros and Cons


  • Brighter than some 50-inch light bars
  • Above average IP68 waterproof rating
  • Driving and fog light in one bar

consDo Not Like

Eye-Catching Top-Performing LED Light Bar

Why not take a plunge on this innovatively designed LED light bar? Buy this light as a conversation starter and use it to efficiently slice through dark, foggy nights.

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 XS Performance LED 40" 240w Cree Combo Light Bar

XS Performance LED’s Best 40-Inch 240w Cree Combo Light Bar


XS Performance LED make a range of quality dual-row combo beam light bars including this 40 incher. It sports a wide center spot beam with compact side floods for breadth and fill. The 16,800lm of 6000K light strips away the darkest night. A polycarbonate lens, 6063 aluminum, deeply-finned housing and quality seals add up to an IP67 waterproof rating.


led features80 3W 30,000-hour Cree LEDs

led features240W with 9-32V DC input

led features16,800lm of 6000K cool white light

led featuresUnbreakable PC lens

led featuresIP67 waterproof/dust proof rating

led featuresTwo-year warranty

led featuresWhat Customers Are Saying

Buyers like that XS Performance LED makes straightforward, well-built LED light bars for an affordable price. They have fit this light to a variety of U.S. and foreign cars, 4x4s, ATVs and work equipment.

Pros and Cons


  • Cree high-quality LEDs
  • Respectable IP67 intrusion rating
  • Well-formed combo beam pattern

consDo Not Like

  • A few customers had to re-seal the lens

Dependable, Easy Mounting 40-Inch Combo Beam

When a 50-inch LED light bar is just too big, drop down to this 40-inch bar for a sure fit above the windshield, in the grill or bumper slot.

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 SABER X TVECXDSM14418WS2PRCW3 IN Led Light Bar and Cube Pods Offroad Work Light Fog Lamps with 3 Lead Toggle Switch Remote Relay, 18 W

SABER X LED 40-Inch Curved Light Bar Plus Two 4-Inch Fog Pods and Wiring Harness Kit

Saber X blows away the competition with an outstandingly bright 40-Inch optics-enhanced curved light bar. For that price, you also get two six-LED pod lights and wiring harness with a lighted rocker switch. It hooks up to any vehicle or equipment with a 12V or 24V DC power source.



led features80 3W 50,000-hour LEDs

led featuresIncludes 18W pods and wiring harness

led features10-30V DC input

led features20,000lm of 6000K white light

led featuresShatterproof polycarbonate lens

led featuresIP67 intrusion rating

led featuresOne-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers’ 5-star ratings are the norm. They praise its ease of installation and lighting performance. The two fog pods and well-made wiring harness, including a relay and switch, are icing on the cake.

Pros and Cons


  • Mounts are tough and easy to install
  • Broad beam pattern boosted by the curve

consDo Not Like

  • Warranty could be stronger

Complete Forward-Illumination Kit for Off-Road or Work

This Saber X light lets you choose from three lighting levels to match the situation. It assembles and installs fast, so buy one now for an upcoming weekend of dark trail riding.

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If you are looking to maximize trail or road visibility, but a 50-inch light bar is a bit too much bright-wise or budget-wise, then a 40 inch light bar may be your sweet spot.

There is a lot to choose from in this category from single to double row bars that output from around 10,000 raw lumens up to 44,000.

You also have plenty of beam pattern choices and mounting options, so take your pick and light up the trail like never before.

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