Prestige LED Light Bar Review

by Simon Wells

Prestige Emergency Lights supplies high quality LED lighting for police, fire, EMS and public safety vehicles. They continually update their catalog with the newest innovations in emergency and non-emergency LED lighting. This article provides a short Prestige LED light bar review for each of their LED light bars.

Prestige LED Light Bar Reviews

LUMAX Warrior Series

Mini Warrior LED Light Bar

Mini LED LightBar

This light bar, measuring only 13″ by 5″ and with a profile of 1.5″, features two light heads front and back and one light head on each end. It provides 360 degrees of warning and consumes just 22 watts. There are 29 flash patterns built-in plus a steady-on mode. It needs only a cigarette lighter or other 12VDC car outlets for power. The plug has on/off and pattern switches.

18″ LED Light Bar

18 LED Light Bar

This light bar has two additional light heads front and back for a total of 38 1W LEDs. It is just 5″ longer than the Mini LightBar. It also has 29 flash patterns plus steady-on and a super low 1.5″ profile. Mounting is by strong magnets or by optional permanent mounts. It uses the same cigarette lighter power adapter and switching as the Mini.

28″ LED Light Bar

28 LED Light Bar

This Warrior light bar adds two more light heads front and back for a total of 54 1W super bright LEDs. It weighs in at under 9 pounds and can be attached via magnet or permanent mounts. It draws just 3.5 amps via a cigarette lighter adapter with power and flash switches.

40″ LED Light Bar

40 LED Light Bar

The LUMAX Warrior 40″ LED light bar not only adds length but additional features over its shorter brothers. It uses 70 of the same 1W super bright LEDs and maximizes light output with TIR optics. Other advanced features include:

  • 20 warning patterns including 11 built-in traffic patterns
  • Optional 3-watt T/A light heads
  • 8-switch slim controller that controls flash patterns and independent switching of T/A lights
  • Dimming function

It draws a maximum of 4.7 amps and connects with a basic automotive wire harness. Roof mounting is accomplished with universal gutter mounts.

50″ LED Light Bar

50 LED Light Bar

This full-size LUMAX Warrior light bar has the same features and options as the 40″ light bar except that it contains 86 1W LEDs and a total of 22 customizable light heads. It draws a maximum of 7.5 amps of current at 12VDC.

LUMAX Mini LED Light BarLUMAX Mini LED Light Bar

Prestige also carries another mini LED light bar version that uses 1W LEDs and draws 3.5 amps. It has a single, fully-sealed, rectangular polycarbonate surround that measures about 20 by 10 inches. This cover can be ordered in one of several colors.

Four magnetic feet are used for roof mounting. It features 18 flash patterns and has a last pattern recall function. The connection is via a cigarette lighter adapter with on/off and flashes pattern switches.

Flood-Spot LampsOther Prestige LED Lights

Flood/Spot Lamps

Prestige stocks three types of LED flood and spotlights in powers of 15W, 18W and 48W. These utilize powerful configurations of 3W epistor LEDs whose color temperature is 6000K. They are compact units meant for side mounting. The largest outputs 3500 lumens.

Prestige LED Light Bar Features

Prestige features the LUMAX line of LED light bars that offer superb value in terms of dollars spent for brightness received. Every light bar uses third generation, high-quality, high-efficiency LEDs. Besides the lamps themselves, the various light bar products share a number of valuable characteristics:

  • 3W takedown and alley lights
  • Six available light head colors: red, blue, amber, white, green and purple
  • A large number of flash patterns including traffic advisors
  • Last flash pattern recall
  • Very low-profile light bars for stealth and fuel-savings
  • Gutter mounts to fit most vehicles or optional permanent mounts
  • Low-profile controller with backlight switching and dimming capability
  • 100 percent protected against bad weather and environmental hazards
  • 3-year limited warranty on most products

Prestige LED light bars are easy to configure online. Each product page has a block schematic of the light bar’s footprint. Black bars on the perimeter of the diagram represent the light heads. Clicking on each light head allows you to specify one of six colors for the LEDs so you can customize your order.

What Buyers Are Saying

Every Prestige LED light bar review has been from public safety workers or emergency first responders with experience in emergency lighting options. They commonly compare Prestige light bars favorably to those made by Whelen or Code 3 but note that Prestige pricing is much better.

Universally, they give these light bars 5 stars for brightness, the number of flash patterns and how well the magnetic mounts grip the roof at speeds up to 90 MPH.

The cigarette lighter power adapter and switches are a hit with tow, rescue, and snow plow operators who do not want to hardwire the light. They are also pleased with the LED color selection, which is a couple of colors more than many vendors supply.


Prestige has not been around as long as other vendors in the emergency vehicle lighting market, but they are quickly making a name for themselves with quality products at affordable prices. The smaller LED light bars are catching on with customers who do not require a permanently mounted warning light.

The company has a slimmer catalog of light bars than larger competitors, but they appear to be keeping up by providing the core features buyers want and offering products with solid performance.

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