Best 14 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews

If you are looking for a product that will increase your visibility tremendously, then a 14 inch LED light bar is what you are looking for. This size of light bar is great to put onto vehicle bumpers or large farm equipment.

Off-roading at night becomes safe when you put one of these products on your 4×4 truck. To show you the best of the best, here is a guide to some of the best 14 inch LED light bars and accessories.

Our Top Recommended Best 14 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Best 14 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews-

Eyourlife 14 Inch LED Light Bar

Eyourlife offers a 14 inch light bar that has the best standards to offer today. It comes with aluminum housing and vertical fins on the back for the best cooling function yet. A sliding bracket set is included with this model, and this model is compatible with all automobiles equipped with a 10 to 30 volt DC power source.

Specs for Eyourlife 14 Inch Light Bar

led featuresWeight: 4.5 lbs.

led featuresDimensions: 13.5 x 5.4 x 5.3 inches without brackets

led featuresWattage: 72 watts total

led featuresLumens: 4300 lm

led featuresVoltage: 10-30 DC

led featuresBeam Pattern: Spot and Flood Combo

led featuresLifetime: 50, 000 + hours

led featuresWarranty: 2 years

led featuresProtection Rate: IP68


Eyourlife offers a light bar that is well equipped to stand the high temperatures from the light, but is also able to withstand the elements, including water. It offers a great lifetime while giving you a 2 year warranty. This model is an easy to set up product, and will last you many years to come.


Eyourlife is a brand that is heavily sought after because of its great quality. It has popularity among the off-road community and other motorists because they say Eyourlife has the brightest, most durably, and highly affordable light bars on the market today. This model is an excellent example of what a great deal should look like.

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OPT7 C2 Series 14 Inch Off-Road Cree LED Light Bar

OPT7 C2 Series 14 Inch Off-Road Cree LED Light Bar

OPT7 has success because they produce some of the most affordable light bars while producing off as much light as other top leading competitors. This model has their advanced bright technology onto the Cree LEDs to project an intense clean beam pattern that give maximum clarity. OPT7 has created over-sized fins for this model that have ridges to help dissipate the heat.

Specs for OPT7 C2 Series 14 Inch LED Light Bar

led featuresWeight: 5 lbs.

led featuresDimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 3 inches

led featuresWattage: 72 watts total

led featuresLumens: 6, 216 lm

led featuresProtection Rate: IP67

led featuresLifetime: 50, 000+ hours

led featuresBeam Pattern: 30 degree Spot/ 60 degree Flood


Furthermore, this model has a powder coated aluminum surface that makes it resistant to corrosion. It has thick mounting brackets that ensures these bars stay attached if you are in a rollover or accident. This model also comes with a harness.


OPT7 is a company that wants to give the consumer the best of both worlds, an inexpensive product and one with great quality. OPT7 has done exactly this. Its lumen output is even greater than many of the other top models sold by competitors. Altogether this item is the most cost friendly while still be just as bright, or brighter, than other high quality products.

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Overall, 14 Inch LED light bars offer a way to have intense light while not breaking the bank. These two light bars by OPT7 and Eyourlife are sure to be beneficial to any vehicle.

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