Finding the Best LED Mini Light Bar

by Simon Wells

LED Mini Light Bar Features

Mini LED light bars are generally under 10 inches long but find as many applications as their bigger brothers. They offer outstanding advantages:

  • Long-life – Quality LEDs last over 50,000 hours
  • Luminosity – The best LEDs output full luminosity throughout their lifespan;
  • Low power consumption – LEDs are one of the most efficient lighting technologies ever developed;
  • Brightness efficiency – LEDs output over 90 percent of their input power as light;
  • Voltage tolerance – Most mini LED light bars to work within a wide voltage range without dimming;
  • Low voltage operation – LEDs are a great match for automotive 12V or 24V electrical systems;
  • Color – Top Mini LED light bars to come in nearly any color desired;
  • Reliability – Mini LED light bars to have built-in redundancy since each typically uses several to dozens of individual LEDs.

Types of Mini LED Light Bars

Quality Mini LED light bars have several applications:

  • Fog lights – Mini light bars or light pods using yellow CREE LEDs and computer-designed optics put out powerful beams that do not produce back-scatter light.
  • Spots – Lightweight mini LED light bars to make excellent rotating spotlights.
  • Interior lights – They can supply or augment a vehicle’s cab, trunk or engine compartment with bright illumination.
  • Warning lights – Alert Mini LED light bars are used on emergency and other public service vehicles. These can strobe or flash in eye-catching patterns or colors.
  • Battery-powered lights – Some LED mini light bars can run from a cigarette lighter socket or internal /external battery packs. They can be powered from small solar panels too.

How to Choose the Best Mini Light Bars

Search for products from high-quality manufacturers. For automotive light bars, start with Hella, Rigid, Mictuning, Vision X and Opt7®. If you are looking for quality traffic alert lights, makers such as Whelen, Xtreme®, ThunderEye, and LUMAX have excellent products.

Be sure that the spot, flood or combo beam is right for your application, has an IP67 rating if used outdoors and has plenty of flash patterns if it is an alert LED mini light bar. Study mini LED light bar reviews carefully for any glitches, tips or unique applications that actual buyers share.

Mini LED Light Bar Examples

Xtreme 16 LED High IntensityStrobe Lights

Xtreme® White & Blue 16 LED High Intensity LED Law Enforcement Emergency Hazard Warning Strobe Lights offer 18 different strobe/flash modes with super bright blue and white LEDs. The set provides complete stealth when mounted inside the windshield or rear window. This set comes with a 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter, suction cups, screws and flashback cover.


Each Mictuning Cree LED 2x 10W Spot Pod provides a powerful 10W white spotlight from a single LED that is over three times as bright as a standard motorcycle headlight. This is the best LED mini light bar for economical auxiliary illumination on motorbikes, UTVs, ATVs, and boats. They are waterproof and dustproof.


Mini LED light bars to come in a broad assortment of sizes, colors, and configurations. The best LED mini light bars use long-life LEDs, sip power and run on common vehicle voltages. They provide work or scene illumination, interior lighting, and highly visible traffic alerts.

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