Roundup of the Best LED Lights for Motorcycles You Can Find

Roundup of the Best LED Lights for Motorcycles You Can Find
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Nothing sets eyes popping like brilliantly colored LED accent lights setting your motorcycle aglow. They look fantastic and enormously increase your bike’s visibility to other drivers on nighttime roads.

We have boiled down weeks of tedious research into a best-of-the-best compilation of LED strip lights with all the essential features highlighted:

  • Number of strips, their lengths, lead wire lengths
  • Number of colors and effects available
  • How well a kit resists harsh weather
  • Unique features that set an LED light strip apart
  • How current owners feel about their purchase
  • Tips on choosing, buying, installing and getting the most out of your motorcycle LED strips

So, continue reading to see how easily and affordably you can add both style and safety to your ride in no time at all.

Best LED Lights for Motorcycle Reviews

DITRIO 12-Piece Motorcycle LED Strips With RF Remote and Key Fob

DITRIO 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips Multi-Color Accent Glow Neon Ground Effect Atmosphere Lights Lamp with Wireless Remote Controller for Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki (Pack of 12)
For the ultimate in style, convenience and safety, the DITRIO multi-color LED kit provides the best LED accent lights for motorcycles. You get 12 waterproof LED strips in three lengths, two remotes, a power supply/controller plus extras.

The kit features remote-controlled color and effect selection plus a music sync flash setting. A remote kill-switch conserves battery power. An optional safety feature turns all LEDs red whenever you hit your brakes.

DITRIO makes it easy to install this kit with detailed instructions plus same-day customer service. At under $50, you can upgrade your bike’s safety and style in no time.


  • 5-inch, 9-inch and 13-inch 5050 LED strips
  • 24-button remote plus simplified key fob remote
  • Choose from 15 colors plus four effects
  • Built-in mic synchronizes flash to music
  • Strong 3M dual-side adhesive
  • Strips have IP68 waterproof rating
  • Universal fit for motorcycles, ATVs or UTVs

What Customers Are Saying

DITRIO’s lighting kit is well-received among motorcycle enthusiasts. They love the functions, easy install, DITRIO’s exceptional customer service and its weather proofing. Buyers recommend making surfaces squeaky clean and using the included adhesive primer.

Pros / Cons

  • Inexpensive kit for LED colorizing any bike
  • Brake light feature for additional safety
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Customer service via phone or email
  • Wiring the brake light function can be tricky
  • Some colors may not be legal for driving


Superb Motorcycle Lighting Backed by Top-Rate Service

With the DITRIO underglow lights for motorcycles kit, the only thing limiting you is your imagination. If you encounter any problems, DITRIO customer service is there. Buy a kit today and be riding in style this weekend.

AMBOTHER 12-Strip Waterproof Motorcycle LED Accent Glow Light Kit With Remotes

AMBOTHER 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit RGB Motorcyle Strips Lighting Waterproof Accent Glow Ground Effect Lights with Wireless Dual Remote for Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki, 1 Year Warranty

AMBOTHER’s motorcycle accent LED kit offers 144 5050 LEDs in 12 IP68-rated strips in three lengths with 18 colors, lighting effects, adjustable brightness and a brake light safety function. Bright motorcycle lights are essential to your riding safety, which this kit provides with flair.


Each waterproof, flexible LED strip features long leads and double-sided adhesive. Colors and effects are easy to select with the fob or full-size wireless remote. An optional brake light feature turns all LEDs red whenever the brakes are applied.


AMBOTHER backs this kit with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer service response time.


  • 5-inch, 9-inch and 13-inch 30,000-hour LED strips
  • 18 colors, four effects and 5-level brightness control
  • Full-size and fob wireless remotes select any color or effect
  • Optional music/flash synchronization
  • Self-adhesive for easy mounting
  • IP68 waterproof and dust proof rating
  • Universal fit for bikes, ATVs or UTVs

What Customers Are Saying

AMBOTHER’s motorcycle LED lighting kit receives rave reviews from buyers for ease of installation, performance and convenience. They note that wire routing may take planning, but it is easily a DIY job.

Pros / Cons

  • Under $50 kit significantly increases visibility
  • Control options with either remote
  • Brake light and Music-Sync features
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Same-day customer service response

Excellent Under-$50 Gift for Your Motorcycle Aficionado

This kit is so versatile that it gets used on trucks and 4WD vehicles too. For a fraction of what auto supply stores sell these for, buy two.

PROAUTO 15-Color Eight-Strip Motorcycle Accent LED Lights Kit With Fob Remote

8 piece Motorcycle LED Lights Kit Strip/Multi-Color Accent/Glow LED Strip Lights/Motorcycle LED Flexible Lights Kit Strip with Remote Controller for Harley Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Polaris KTM BMW

Eight self-adhesive strips in three sizes hold 96 RGB LEDs in silicon-sealed IP68 waterproof shells. The power regulator ensures maximum brightness and long LED life. Each strip has generous lead lengths plus 3M-branded adhesive tape so you can customize the install to your bike.


Using the wireless remote, instantaneously choose from 15 static colors and effects such as million-color fade, dimming or jumping. PROAUTO backs their best LED lights for motorcycles kit with a one-year warranty.


  • Two 4-inch, four 8-inch and two 12-inch LED strips
  • 15 colors plus effects and dimming
  • Key fob wireless remote selects colors and effects
  • 3M dual-sided adhesive for a long-lasting installation
  • 400lm total output, 50W power draw
  • Universal fit kit for any motorcycle

What Customers Are Saying

PROAUTO has a hit here with customers who want a style and safety upgrade with a lower-cost, easier-to-install kit. Many install this kit within an hour. A few have had battery drain issues, so we recommend installing a kill switch on the battery side.

Pros / Cons

  • Under $35 excellent visibility enhancement
  • Easier to install than a 12-piece kit
  • Quality LED strip adhesive
  • One-year warranty from PROAUTO
  • Needs a separate kill switch to avoid battery drain
  • No instructions included, but easy to figure out

Buy This Kit Today, Be on the Road in an Hour

This is one of the easiest, and cheapest, motorcycle accent lighting kits around. It does not have all the bells and whistles of bigger kits, but at under $35 your wallet will thank you.

OPT7 Aura™ Moto Strips 10-Piece Motorcycle Multi-Color Accent Glow Strips

10pc Aura Motorcycle LED Light Kit | Multi-Color Accent Glow Neon Strips w/Switch for Cruisers

Unlike many models of LED lights for sportbikes, OPT7’s universal-fit 10-piece afterglow motorcycle LED strips kitsuse three-color LEDs for extra brightness and color control versus separate single-color LEDs along the strip as do cheaper brands.


Ten 3.5-inch self-adhesive strips shine with one of 16 available colors. Fade, flashing and dimming effects are controlled from a wireless card-sized or keychain remote. A handlebar on-off switch is also included.


Make your bike classier and safer with light strips on fenders, fairings, tanks or saddlebags. OPT7 provides a one-year warranty against defects.


  • 10 3.5-inch strips, 60 LEDs total
  • 16 colors, three effects
  • Wallet-size and key fob remotes
  • Genuine 3M strip adhesive
  • Fit any bike including Harley, Victory, Honda, Yamaha, etc.
  • Strips protected by polymer against rain, snow or dust
  • One-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

The look is summed up by one customer: “It makes my bike look freakin’ amazing.” Fewer, shorter strips compared to other kits are appreciated by buyers for their ease-of-installation. Problems with strips loosening occur if strips are installed on moving or hot surfaces.

Pros / Cons

  • OPT7 quality at under $65
  • Vibrant colors
  • Handlebar-mountable on/off switch
  • Real 3M strip adhesive
  • OPT7 one-year warranty
  • Shrink tubes could be longer
  • Remote randomly fails to connect

Elegance and Safety in an Easy-To-Install Quality LED Kit

Offering clearer, brighter colors thanks to Aura™ LEDs, this kit installs quickly thanks to detailed instructions and a complete connector package. Buy this one to spiff up your bike in no time while enhancing your safety.

AMBOTHER Eight-Piece 96-LED 15-Color Motorcycle Accent Strip Kit With Remote

AMBOTHER 8Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips Multi-Color Accent Glow Neon Lights Lamp Flexible with Remote Controller for Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Polaris KTM BMW, 1 Year WarrantyLED light strips for motorcycles add a dazzling look that sets your bike apart from the crowd while vastly improving your visibility to “cagers.” AMBOTHER’s 8-piece bike LED kit is one of the easiest kits to install and operate.

Six self-adhesive strips with separate feed lines let you personalize light placement. The four-button remote gives you control over choice of colors and effects plus acts as the on-off switch. Strips are waterproofed with silicone gel and tight-fitting end caps.

If you have any problems, AMBOTHER’s rapid-response customer service is there 24/7.


  • Two 4-inch, four 8-inch and two 12-inch
  • 50,000-hour 5050 SMD LEDs
  • 15 colors plus dimming, fading, flashing modes
  • Single key fob wireless remote
  • Pre-applied adhesive on each IP68 strip
  • Fits any motorcycle, ATV or sport vehicle
  • Same-day customer service

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers say the hardest part about installation is planning it out. After that, it goes quickly and the improvements in look and safety are much appreciated. Several buyers have recommended adding a matching wiring extender kit if lighting both ends of a larger motorcycle.

Pros / Cons

  • Amazing value at around $36
  • Diamond-bright multi-color glow
  • Quick installation
  • Wireless remote with slip cover
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No instructions included
  • Needs more zip ties

Budget-Priced, High-Performance and Easy to Install to Boot

LED light strips for motorcycles will amaze your riding buddies and increase your on-road visibility ten-fold. Buy it, try it and we are sure you will be satisfied with the performance and AMBOTHER’s tremendous customer service should you need it.

SUPAREE 12-Strip Motorcycle LED Glow Lights, Wireless Remotes, 15 Colors Plus Effects

12Pcs Led Light Kits Multi-Color Wireless IR/RF Remote Controller Motorcycle Atmosphere Lamp RGB Flexible Strips Ground Effect Light for MotorcycleSUPAREE’s motorcycle LED strip light kit offers a unique package of 12 separate, equal-length, three-RGB LED units with their own plug sets. Four extender cables enable highly customizable installations.


Million-color fading, 15 static colors, dimming and adjustable flash are available at the touch of either wireless remote. A jumping option cycles all 15 colors. An optional brake light function is also included.


Just under $36, this lighting kit has many applications for Harleys, Yamahas, Hondas, Victory and any other bike make. They highlight any UTV, golf cart, ATV or snowmobile too.


  • Twelve 12-inch LED strips
  • Two 50-inch and 60-inch cable extenders
  • 15 colors plus effect modes
  • Fob and card-sized wireless remotes
  • Optionally, all LEDs turn red when braking
  • Universal fit for bikes and other sport vehicles

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers find this SUPAREE light kit one of the easiest to install due to identical, pluggable LED units. There is no splicing plus more layout flexibility. To add more branches, customers recommend compatible Y-splitters. The automatic brake lighting feature is icing on the cake.

Pros / Cons

  • Fewer but brighter LEDs
  • Daisy-chain strips add installation options
  • Includes features found on higher-price kits
  • Wireless remote with slip cover
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Only rated IP65, so add sealant as necessary

Maximum Installation Options at a Wallet-Friendly Price

SUPAREE’s unique equal-length strips and real 3M adhesive strips mean less layout planning and more riding. Buying this kit turns your bike into a sparkling, eye-catching sight. Feel safer, have more fun and enjoy the savings.

Tips on Choosing the Best LED Lights for Motorcycles

Best LED Lights for Motorcycles

Before making your final decision on which motorcycle LED strip kit is best for your bike, look over these tips to narrow your selections.

Creating a Mock-Up

Planning out your LED strip upgrade avoids layout problems.

  • First decide where the controller box will go, which is typically under the seat close to your bike’s battery.
  • Cut pieces of painter’s masking tape to the strip lengths in a specific kit. Place the pieces where each LED strip will go.
  • Measure the distance from a tape strip to the controller box. If it is less than the lead length in the kit description, you are good to go. If not, adjust placement of the tape.
  • Follow this procedure for two or three kits that you like best.

Compare the Kit’s IP Rating to Your Local Climate

If your riding weather tends to be in moist or rainy conditions, then you want the highest IP rating you can get, which for strips is IP68. If you live in a dry climate, then a lower IP-rated kit is fine.

Colors and Effects Legality

Check with local law enforcement to see if the colors or effects that you like best are legal to use in traffic. Naturally, if you are parked, you can use any color or effect you desire.

Customer Service

More important than a kit’s warranty is how well the vendor responds to problems. They should have multiple contact channels and respond within a day or two.

Factors To Consider When Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

Roundup of the Best LED Lights for Motorcycles

Before you hit the Submit button on your order, make sure you have everything you need.

Avoiding Connector Failure

A common failure point in a motorcycle LED strip setup is where lead wires meet connectors. They fail either from a broken wire or because dirt or solvents enter the connector. This goes for splices as well. You can mitigate these conditions in two ways:

  • Reinforce the joint between connector and wire by applying epoxy or hot glue, which will also seal out dirt and grease.
  • Apply a dielectric grease inside of splices to keep out moisture and dirt and use properly sized heat shrink tubing over that with a tight fit.
  • Avoid placing connectors or splices in locations where they would tend to move or be subjected to heat as these conditions weaken connections.

LED Kit Kill Switch

All LED strip kits consume a trickle of current even when they are turned off. This can drain your motorcycle’s battery if you do not ride every day. To avoid this, use a separate switch placed on the hot side of the battery lead going to the controller. Switch off the whole system whenever the bike will sit for more than eight hours.

Adhesive Supplements

One of the most common complaints from buyers is that the dual-sided adhesive tape on each strip weakens over time, which leads to strips curling or falling off. To avoid this happening in your installation, follow these tips:

  • Clean the surface where a strip is to go thoroughly with a detergent/degreaser solution followed by a rubdown with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Avoid placing strips where there is likely to be excessive heat or movement of the strip
  • Use a quality adhesion promoter or adhesive tape primer to increase stickiness

Proper Fusing

Most LED motorcycle afterglow LED kits come with a fuse, but if they are the tube glass type, these are less reliable than the two-pronged plug-in ATM types. Consider replacing whatever came with your kit with the latter. Be sure the fuse’s amperage rating is appropriate for the smallest wire in the installation. For instance, if you use 16-gauge wire, then the fuse should have a 15 to 20A rating.

LED Lights for Motorcycles FAQ

Should I install the kit myself or use a professional?

If you have any DIY skills, you probably do not need to hire a pro for your kit installation. The main thing is to be patient and follow our mock-up tips above to get an install you will love.

What are the best locations to install LED strips on my bike?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding where to place the strips. Experiment by laying out strips in various locations before gluing them down. Popular locations are in fender wells, under or along the tank, under the seat, over the engine and under the lower fairing.

What is the best way to hide the wiring?

Try to zip-tie wiring along any existing wire harnesses or through the frame rails. Sometimes you must get creative, but leaving wires dangling or drilling holes should be a last resort.

Can I add more lights later?

You can certainly add another complete kit with a separate controller but trying to extend an installed kit with more lights may overload the controller, which is designed with a specific load rating.

Can light strips act as turn signals?

This is not possible since all LED strips are driven from a single power harness. They cannot be flashed independently.

Also looking for LED Headlight for Motorcycle.

The Final Decision Is Up to You

Now that you have come this far, do you still ask yourself what are the best LED lights for motorcycles? After drastically narrowing down the field of motorcycle LED lighting options to the highest value candidates, we think the final vote is yours.

You are armed with all the knowledge necessary to make an excellent, well-informed choice. It is time to move to select your bike’s new LED lighting kit.

Buy with confidence knowing that even if you are not completely satisfied with your selection, the manufacturer and Amazon have your back with expert customer service and easy refund-or-replace policies.

A nighttime bike lighting upgrade is a decision you will not regret in terms of how it distinguishes your ride while enhancing your safety. So, buy now and start enjoying your motorcycle rides more than ever. © 2016 Privacy Policy | Contact | Disclosure | About is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to