Finding the Best UTV LED Light Bars for Your Needs

by Simon Wells

There should be no reason not to enjoy your UTV after sunset. Modern UTV LED lighting gives you that freedom. Today’s LED lights are constructed with rugged, dustproof, waterproof housings and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and lighting configurations. With the proper selection of the best UTV LED light bars, you can never outrun your lights, and your UTV will be completely visible to others.

LED Lighting Benefits

LED lights are ideal for UTVs because of their many advantages:

long-lifeLED lights are energy misers compared to other types of lights

long-lifeA quality LED light bar will outlast the vehicle

long-lifeAny beam type is available including spotlights, floodlights, and combos

long-lifeLED light bars are lightweight, vibration-resistant and mountable anywhere

long-lifeColored LEDs can be used for fog lights, running lights or signals

Types of LED Lighting for UTVs

Your UTV’s tubular frame can easily double as a mounting bar for clamp lights.

  • Compact box or round LED spots can provide illumination to the front, the back or to the sides.
  • Low-profile, rectangular light bars are often mounted above the windshield or on the bumpers.
  • A spot/flood combo light bar, about 36 inches long, is perfect for creating a piercing beam well over 1,000 feet ahead with plenty of trailside brightness.

There are a variety of LED light styles for daytime or nighttime running lights to increase its visibility.

  • Billet-mount bars fit perfectly on fenders.
  • Flush-mount lights look sleek and are well-protected.

If your UTV has a whip, replace it with an LED whip that is lit its full length in any color you choose.

  • Add two amber spots or a single amber light bar below the brush guard for driving in fog or dusty conditions.

How to Shop for the Best UTV LED Light Bars

Start with the Best

Most “bargain” light bars fail after a few months because they use lower-quality components and poor construction. If you browse high-quality brands first, you will learn what features comprise a quality UTV light bar.

Manufacturers such as Rigid Industries, Vision X, Baja Designs, Lazer Star, Seizmik, Opt7®, and others make well-engineered light bars with quality components.

These will increase your familiarity with what goes into a high-performance, long-lasting light bar. You can apply that knowledge to find a good light bar among less expensive brands if the brands above are outside your budget.

Below are described the key features to look for when shopping for the best UTV light bar you can buy:

Quality LEDs

The best LEDs are made by Cree. They put out more light per Watt than other brands and last the longest. You may see a cheap import light bar that appears brighter than a Cree light bar, but that is because it is overdriving the LEDs, which will burn them out in a short time. Cree LEDs last well over 50,000 hours and maintain their brightness up to the last.

High-Quality Electronics

LED drivers control the input voltage and current to each LED. These values require tight control to keep LEDs from overheating. A light bar with quality drivers will not dim or brighten when the input voltage is varied. Light bars that can be dimmed use Pulse-Width-Modulation drivers which are only found in light bars from the best manufacturers, such as Vision X.

Superb Heat Management

Excessive heat kills LEDs. The key to a long-lasting light bar is dissipating heat efficiently. This is done with big, heavy-finned aluminum heat sinks, metal-core PCBs and plenty of interior airflows. For example, look at the heat sinks on theOpt7® C2 Series light bars, which have large fins with many additional grooves milled into them.

Rugged Housings

The best light bar housings are extruded or die-cast aluminum and put together with a generous amount of stainless steel fasteners. They have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, heavy mounts that absorb vibration and custom lens seals. Look for a dustproof, moisture-proof housing rating of at least IP67 or higher.

An Excellent Example of a Quality UTV LED Light Bar

E-Series 10 inch LED Light Bar

The Rigid Industries 110312 E-Series 10-inch LED Combo Light Bar is an excellent way to enable your UTV for night driving. It features twenty 5W LEDs, patented hybrid optics and flood/spot functions that throw out over 5000 raw lumens of light half a mile down the trail.

The Rigid light bar comes with a complete wiring harness and stainless steel mounting hardware. It fits snugly into any brush guard. It also comes in full flood, flood/amber or spot/amber configurations. It consistently receives 5-star reviews from buyers for its brightness and rugged construction.


When you are ready to take out your UTV LED Light Bars at night, LED lights are the only way to go.

You will be amazed at how clearly you see the road ahead. Add some warning and running lights and you will be secure knowing that your UTV is well-lit too.

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