Best 20 inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Next to 10-inch light bars, 20-inch LED light bars are the most popular choice for adding illumination to cars, trucks, 4WD vehicles and sports equipment such as ATVs, UTVs or boats.

They provide plenty of light for night cruising and are easily paired to double light output. Mounted below a bumper and equipped with amber LEDs or an amber lens cover, they make outstanding fog or mist-cutters.

Regardless of how you utilize them, 20 inch LED light bars are versatile pieces of lighting equipment that are quite affordable even for the highest quality products.

Our Top Recommended 20-inch LED Light Bar Reviews


Black Oak 20-Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak 20-Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak’s D-Series 20 inch LED light bar is a perfect example of their commitment to top quality at prices far less than the competition. This dual-row light bar equipped with 5W OSRAM LEDs delivers 22,000 lumens of dark-shattering light in Spot, Flood or Combo beam patterns. The torture-proof extruded aluminum housing features a rock resistant polycarbonate lens and custom moisture seal to achieve an IP69K intrusion rating. It is ready to go with a complete wiring harness and 90-day money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

Specs for 3W/5W Osram LED Versions

led featuresWatts: 120W/200W

led featuresCurrent draw: 8.1A/8.4A

led featuresDimensions: 3.3 inches high by 23 inches long overall

led featuresWeight: 8.8 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 40 3W or 5W OSRAM

led featuresRaw lumens: 12,440/22,000

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP69K

led featuresBeams: Flood, Spot, Combo

led featuresAccessories: IP69K wiring harness and stainless hardware

led featuresWarranty: 90-day money back guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


Even using the 3W OSRAM LEDs, this 20-inch light bar puts out more light than many bars twice its length. With 5W LEDs, this could be your main driving light by itself. It is short enough that some buyers even tripod-mount these for use as portable work lights.


In the harshest environments and on the roughest trails, this 20-inch Black Oak LED light bar will stand up to whatever gets dished out and shine more brilliantly than any other light its size. It is hands-down the highest value light bar you can buy in terms of durability, reliability and illumination performance.

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Rigid Dual-Row E-Series 20-inch LED Light Bar Review

Rigid Dual-Row E-Series 20-inch LED Light Bar

Rigid’s E-Series light bars have been making happy customers for a long time. Their 20 inch LED light bar is a perennial favorite of off-road enthusiasts. While delivering over 9,000 lumens of light, it draws less than 8 amps. The housing is extruded aluminum. Its custom rubber seal and GORE® equalizing vents help this light achieve an IP68 intrusion rating. Choose from Flood, Spot or Combo beams to match your application. Amber LEDs are also available.


led featuresWatts: 110W

led featuresCurrent draw: 7.97A

led featuresDimensions: 3.3 inches high by 23.8 inches long

led featuresWeight: 9 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 40 3W LEDs

led featuresRaw lumens: 9,6000

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP68

led featuresBeams: Spot, Flood, Combo, amber LEDs optional

led featuresAccessories: IP68 wiring harness, end and bottom mounting hardware

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty


The Rigid 20-inch LED light bar in their E-Series is trail-tested and built as ruggedly as any light bar on the market. They use top-bin LEDs and high-quality circuitry so you will get the full 50,000 hour lifespan from this light. They are extremely popular with buyers for their steady, bright beams.


The high quality of Rigid Industries LED light bars is well-known among off-road enthusiasts. This 20-inch light bar finds a place or two on almost any vehicle and is ideal for ATVs, UTVs and boats. You pay a bit more, but receive a lifetime of value in return.

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Vision X Xmitter Euro Beam 20-inch LED Light Bar Review

Vision X Xmitter Euro Beam 22-inch LED Light Bar

Vision X has built a reputation for ruggedness and quality that has earned it preferred vendor status with NASA, the U.S. Border Patrol and other industry leaders. Their Xmitter XIL-400 Euro beam 22 inch LED light bar stands up to extreme environmental conditions, while providing 7,200 raw lumens of light in a beam perfect for highway driving. It is supplied with a complete, waterproof wiring harness.


led featuresWatts: 120W

led featuresCurrent draw: 8.5A

led featuresDimensions: 3.12 inches high by 22 inches long

led featuresWeight: 9 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 20 5W LEDs

led featuresRaw lumens: 7,400

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP68

led featuresBeams: Flood, Spot, Combo

led featuresAccessories: Complete wiring harness and brackets

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


You are unlikely to utilize this feature, but the LEDs in the Xmitter line can emit IR, Amber, Red, Blue or Green. That feature, and the fact that these lights are built super tough, make them popular products with law enforcement, EMS vehicles, fire trucks and government agencies. For off-road or highway use, they are lights you install for the life of the vehicle that will deliver tons of fade-proof light and seamless beam patterns.


The Vision X Xmitter 22-inch light bar with Euro beam configuration is the perfect all-around driving light you can buy. It will stand up to any environmental conditions you can imagine and provide ongoing void-filling illumination for many years.

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Baja Designs Stealth 20-inch Single Row LED Light Bar Review

Baja Designs Stealth 20-inch Single Row LED Light Bar

The Baja Designs 47-2003 Stealth single-row 20 inch LED light bar has one of the lowest profiles on the market. It will fit in vertical gaps under two inches high. The long rearward taper ensures minimal whistling if it is roof or rack-mounted. Twenty choice CREE XP-G2 LEDs provide 8,400 lumens of 6000K bright white light from within the aircraft-grade IP69K housing. CopperDrive circuitry ensures that you get 100 percent of LED output while extending their lifespan to 50,000 hours.


led featuresWatts: 84W

led featuresCurrent draw: 7A

led featuresDimensions: 1.6 inches high by 22 inches long

led featuresWeight: 4 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 20 CREE XP-G2 LEDs

led featuresRaw lumens: 8,400

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP69K

led featuresBeams: Combination flood/spot only

led featuresAccessories: IP69K wiring harness and mounting hardware

led featuresWarranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 18-month limited warranty


This ultra-low-profile light bar stays well hidden until you flip the switch, when it puts out an astonishingly bright, void-less flood/spot beam from high-efficiency, top-bin XP-G2 CREE LED. This light bar is built to outlast your vehicle under the harshest conditions that you can dish out on the trail or on the water.


Baja Designs LED light bars are unquestionably some of the most rugged, durable and reliable light bars made. They have earned their bragging rights through some of the roughest dirt racing in the world. Given how long it will last, this 20-incher will return superb value.

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Auxbeam 20 inch 126W Cree Dual Row LED Light Bar

Auxbeam 20 inch 126W Cree Dual Row LED Light Bar

Auxbeams super-affordable 20 inch LED light bar finds a multitude of applications. They are used as driving lights, navigation lights and work lights. They shine with 12,600 raw lumens from 42 3W CREE LEDs in a dual-row arrangement. The 30-degree Spot and 60-degree Flood combination beam pattern provides a penetrating beam and plenty of broad illumination to the sides. The LEDs are protected by a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and a 6063 aluminum housing with an IP67 intrusion rating.


led featuresWatts: 126W

led featuresCurrent draw: 11A

led featuresDimensions: 3.3 inches high by 21.5 inches long

led featuresWeight: 10 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 60 3W CREE

led featuresRaw lumens: 12,600

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP67

led featuresBeams: Combo only

led featuresAccessories: IP67 wiring harness, mounting brackets

Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty


This is a decent budget light that has light output comparable to much higher-priced LED light bars. It is made mainly as a driving light with a combo beam pattern. Instead of using end brackets, it has two mid-mounted bolt brackets on the bottom, which may suit some mounting applications better than end brackets do.


If you are looking to add several 20 inch LED light bars, then the low price of this Auxbeam unit should be appealing. It is an ideal entry-level light that has great light output from CREE LEDs, but is not built to last more than a few years. For the price, however, it does present a good value.

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LED Light Bar Nilight 20Inch 288w Triple Row Flood Spot Combo 28800LM Led Bar Driving Lights Boat Lights Led Off Road Lights for Trucks,2 Years Warranty

Nilight Nl18A triple-row spot/flood combo 20-inch light bar

The Nilight Nl18A triple-row spot/flood combo 20-inch light bar provides outstanding visibility for boats, trucks and 4WD vehicles. Three rows of high-intensity, 30,000-hour LEDs create a deep-reach center beam while end rows of LEDs flood the foreground and sides. Deep cooling ribs mean long LED life.

Custom seals, a tough polycarbonate lens and a rugged 6063 aluminum alloy housing protect against moisture and dust with an IP67 intrusion rating. Aiming your light is easy with 45 degrees of vertical adjustment plus a horizontally sliding mounting bracket.


The Nl18A is an impressive 20-inch light bar with features usually reserved for more expensive lights. It is well-designed with powerful LEDs plus advanced reflectors for a night-busting 28800lm illumination output. It quickly mounts on any vehicle or watercraft.


led features Voltage range: 9-30V DC

led features288W

led features28,800 raw lumens output

led featuresCurrent draw: 24A

led featuresDimensions: 20 X 4 X 4 inches

led featuresWeight: 4 lbs.

led featuresLEDs: 51 center, 24 each end

led featuresIntrusion rating: IP67

led featuresCombo spot and flood beams

led featuresAccessories: Mounting brackets and hardware

led features2-year warranty


You would be hard pressed to find another 20-inch LED light bar with all these features, design and awesome light output. After using this light, your normal headlights will seem like candles. Note there is no wiring harness supplied and most buyers re-seal the lens with good quality silicone.

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Nilight ZH006 20-Inch 126W LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo With Harness and RelayNilight ZH006 Bar 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Off Road Lights with 16AWG Wiring Harness Kit-2 Lead, 2 Years Warranty

For off-road, work or farming activities, Nilight’s 20-inch 12,000lm dual-row combo beam light bar offers exceptional versatility. It features a wide voltage range, sliding post mounts, vertical beam adjusters and ample brightness to blow away the gloom.

This light features a rugged 6063 aluminum housing, PC lens, 30,000-hour LEDs and an IP67 waterproof rating. It comes with a 10-foot wiring harness complete with switch, fuse and relay.


led features42 3W top-bin LEDs

led featuresUp to 12,600 lm of 6000K light

led featuresWorks with 12V and 24V vehicles

led featuresFlood-spot-flood sectioned beam

led featuresTwo-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

One customer, unfortunately, hit a deer at 70 MPH, which tore off his Night light bar. It still works great! Is that rugged or what?

Pros and Cons


  • Highly versatile size and mounting system
  • Includes full wiring harness

consDo Not Like

  • Not DOT approved

Fantastic High-Value 20-Inch Light Bar Kit

Buy one or two now. At less than two bucks per inch, this bar is an excellent value with loads of uses.

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oEdRo Triple-Row 20-Inch 189W Light Bar With Wiring Harness and Sliding MountsLED Light Bar Wiring Harness OEDRO 300W 20Inch Tri-Rows LED Light Pod Spot Flood Combo Light Off Road Lights Led Fog Light Truck Light Boat Lighting for Truck Pickup Jeep SUV ATV UTV,3 Years Warranty

This amazing oEdRo 20-inch flood-spot combo beam light bar pushes the limits of bright for a 20-inch bar with 63 50,000-hour LEDs. It is one-third brighter than a dual row bar.

It features 11,200lm of brightness, an IP67 rating and super-versatile mounts. It comes with a full wiring harness plus three-year warranty.


led features63 high-intensity 50,000-hour LEDs

led featuresFlood/Spot 11,200 lm combo beam

led features9-32V DC input voltage

led featuresIP67 intrusion rating

led featuresThree-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers love how easy these lights mounted on a rack, in the grill, below the bumper and so on. Everyone gushes at how ultra-bright the three-row design is.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique triple-row design
  • Budget-priced with superb brightness
  • Includes a full wiring harness

consDo Not Like

  • Adjusting the tilt requires bar removal

This Powerful Light Bar Is a Keeper

This oEdRo powerhouse is a steal especially considering they throw in a full wiring harness. Buy one to keep on hand even if you do not have an immediate use as it is ultra-versatile.

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Senlips 126W 20-Inch Cree LED Spot/Flood Combo Off-Road Light BarSenlips 126W 20inch Cree Spot&Flood Combo Off Road Bar Fog Lights Waterproof Led Driving Vehicle Lamp for Trucks ATV UTV Jeep Boat

This Senlips 20-inch combo LED light bar places 70 percent of the LEDs in the center spot for extra reach on the trail or highway. It delivers 10,500lm of cool white light behind a PC lens with IP67 intrusion rating. Features sliding post mounts with vertical swivel slots.


led features42 high-quality Cree LEDs

led features30-degree spot with 60-degree side floods

led featuresTextured fins for efficient cooling

led featuresIP67 waterproof

led featuresOne-year warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Customers use this light bar for off-road vehicles, tractors or tripod-mounted campsite or work site illumination. Despite a large spot beam section, some were disappointed with the reach.

Pros and Cons


  • Customer service is responsive
  • Easy to mount with sliding posts

consDo Not Like

  • Should silicon seal lens to be safe

Bargain-Priced Compact Beam With Extra Reach

You can easily afford to buy two or more to trick out your 4×4, UTV, ATV or even your boat. Mount one forward to augment your stock bright beams on- or off-road.

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The 20-inch range of LED light bars provides tons of versatility with regard to mounting options and plenty of products with enough light to act as standalone highway or trail lights. Often, they are paired to double the light and provide wider beam coverage. They are small enough that they make convenient work lights or navigation lights on watercraft.

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