Best LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles

by Simon Wells

LED Light Bar Features

LED light bars are the smart choice for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs or bicycles. They are based on state-of-the-art, solid-state lighting technology that has far surpassed conventional lighting solutions:

led featuresPower consumption is exceedingly low, which matches smaller batteries on motorbikes, ATVs and UTVs

led featuresLED brightness per Watt far exceeds conventional vehicle lighting

led featuresLED light bars are intrinsically reliable, since they use multiple, filament-less lamps that shine up to 50,000 hours

led featuresLight bars for smaller vehicles require no ballasts or specialized wiring

led featuresLED light bars have a wide input voltage range from 9 to 32 volts DC

led featuresLEDs come in many colors, so you can easily customize your vehicle’s lighting.

led featuresLED light bars are available in spot, flood or combo beams to match your illumination requirements.

Types of LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles

For ATVs, UTVs, motorized or non-motorized bikes, the selection of LED light bar types is plentiful:

featurePowerful, compact single-LED spotlights mount easily with a single stud or on mounting bars

featureSingle- or double-row round, square or rectangular light bars make night-splitting driving or hazard spotting lights

featureRotating, flashing or strobe light bars significantly increase visibility in dunes or on trails, even during the daytime

featureLight bars with LEDs that emit around 3000K color temperature are perfect for piercing fog, snow, mist and dust

How to Choose the Best LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles

The most important feature when evaluating LED light bars is the type of LED they use. OSRAM, CREE and EpiStar LEDs are the brightest and last the longest. If top-bin LEDs are used, then it usually follows that quality driver circuitry is used, which is essential to a long LED lifespan.

The best LED light bars for other vehicles have rugged aluminum housings that double as heat sinks and unbreakable high-light transmission lenses. Avoid manufacturers using second-bin versions of quality LEDs as it is likely they will have skimped on other components too.

Top LED light bar manufacturers for smaller vehicles include BlackOakLED, Vision X, Opt7, Rigid Industries, Penton and MICTUNING™. Always study buyer reviews to uncover unexpected problems with installation or operation.

LED Light Bars for Other Vehicles Example

10 Inch D-Series 100w Double Row LED Light Bar

An excellent example of a great double-row driving light bar can be found on

MICTUNING 8-inch 36W LED Light Bar

Also, the MICTUNING 8-inch 36W LED Light Bar for ATVs and UTVs makes an excellent driving light. Its 12 high-intensity 3W LEDs in a double-row pattern output either a 60-degree flood or 30-degree spot pattern per customer specification. The beam fills dark roads, trails or work areas with brilliant blue-white light. It has a tough die-cast aluminum housing with unbreakable lens and boasts an IP67 rating against dust and moisture. Mount two forward and one to the rear for 360-degree illumination.


For improving what you can see and increasing your own visibility, LED light bars on your ATV, UTV or motorcycle are superb. They are lightweight, mount easily and run on standard wiring from 12V or 24V systems. You cannot buy a more efficient, brighter or reliable lighting solution. Be sure to look into flash/strobe lights for even greater visibility.

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