Best 4 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Light bars are durable and long-lasting, and will allow you to see with increased visibility from filament lights. One size is the 4 inch LED light bar. This size is recommended for someone who is looking for a light bar that can be easily transported from location to location.

Since it is smaller in size it is also one of the more affordable products, but still is very bright. To help you find a good product, here are some of the best 4 inch light bars on the market today.

Our Top Recommended Best 4 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Best 4 Inch LED Light Bar Reviews

Auxbeam 2Pcs 4 Inch CREE LED Light Bar

Auxbeam’s 4 inch led lights come as a two piece set, but can be bought as a four piece set to increase visibility even more. These lights can be mounted onto off-road trucks, military vehicles, mining, boating, farming equipment, and heavy equipment. These lights last up to 50, 000 hours, and will never fail you before that time.

Specs for Auxbeam 4 Inch Model

led featuresWatts: 18 watts

led featuresLumens: 1260~1800 lm

led featuresBeam: 60 degree Flood pattern

led featuresSize with bracket: 3.9*2.87*4.2 inch

led featuresProtection Rate: IP67

led featuresLife: 50, 000 hours

led featuresWeight: 2.6 lbs.


The Auxbeam light bar is made to be extremely portable while at the same time giving a boost in illumination. Its beam pattern is the flood optic which gives you an enlarged area that you can see, but only goes out half as far as other optics, such as the spot optic. Being able to have multiple of these bars allows you to have almost 360 degrees of light if you get the 2 to 4 piece set.


Auxbeam has created a product that is known to give a surrounding area of lighting compared to other models. The 2 piece 4 inch light bar is a good product for anyone who is looking for a small, reliable, and portable product that will give exactly what the consumer is looking for.

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Nilight Cree LED 4 Inch LED Light Bar

Nilight Cree LED 4 Inch LED Light Bar

The Cree 4 inch off road light bar is a product that can be mounted on almost anything. It comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket, and the beam pattern is a spot style optic. This model comes in a 2 piece set, but can, be bought in one piece set with a flood optic instead.

Specs for Nilight Cree Led Light Bar

led featuresWeight: 2.3 lbs.

led featuresVoltage: 12 volts

led featuresWatts: 18 watts

led featuresLumens: 1260-1800 lm

led featuresBeam Pattern: 30 degree Spot Beam

led featuresLifetime: 50, 000 hours +

led featuresProtection Rate: IP68


The Nilight model is extremely bright even during the day, and has a 30 degree long range focused beam that allows you to see far away. It has a die-cast aluminum housing, lens with toughened glass, has an adjustable bracket, is waterproof, dust-proof, and rust proof.


The Nilight 4 inch led lights are great for any off road vehicle. They are not D.O.T approved so they are must use only on off-roading. The beam pattern for this model is great because it allows you so see far ahead of you, which is a must when going at high speeds off road. This product is great for people who need a detachable bracket light bar that they can take off and put onto numerous vehicles.

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Eyourlife Led 4x4 Off-Road Light Bar

Eyourlife Led 4×4 Off-Road Light Bar

This model comes in a 6 piece set, and the output is phenomenal. It comes with adjustable brackets to change the direction of the lighting area. This gives you greater visibility with less eye fatigue. It also comes with suitable vertical fins designed for maximum heat dissipation, and is easy to carry anywhere.

Specs for Eyourlife Led 4×4 Off-Road Light Bar

led featuresSize: 8.4*4.9*4.8 inches

led featuresWeight: 2.1 lbs.

led featuresWatts: 18 watts total, 3 Watts individual

led featuresProtection Rate: IP68

led featuresLens Material: PMMA

led featuresLifetime: 50, 000 hours+

led featuresBeam Pattern: 30 Degree Spot Beam

led featuresLumens: 1800 lm


This model has a wide operating voltage range that can be used on many kinds of transportation. It is waterproof and anti-corrosion. You will save many on a more efficient light source, and a brighter one.


Instead of one or two pieces this model has six, and because of that you get a product that produces a huge amount of light. You are able to adjust them how you want, and can see a far and wide range without eye strain.

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LED Pods,Auto Power Plus 2PCS 4” 120W OSRAM Off Road Driving Light Bar Spot Flood Combo LED Work Light Waterproof Fog Lights LED Cubes for Truck Jeep Car ATV UTV Boat,2Years Warranty

LED Pods,Auto Power Plus 2PCS 4” 120W OSRAM Off Road Driving Light Bar

Rolinger offers a 6 piece 4 inch light bar set that has an operating voltage of 10 to 30V DC. This allows it to be able to go on many vehicles, both small and big. This product comes with housing, screws, mounting rack, and other necessary components. The best part of this set is that it is easy to store and transport.

Specs for the Rolinger Light Bar

led featuresLumens: 1800 lm

led featuresWatts: 18 watts or 3 watts individually

led featuresProtection Rate: IP67

led featuresAmp Draw: 2A for 12V or .9A for 24V

led featuresBeam Pattern: 30 degree spot beam

led featuresLifetime: 30, 000 + hours

led featuresWeight: 5.2 lbs.

led featuresDimensions: 6.3*9.5*7.9 inches


This product is easy to transport and is affordable for any consumer. It does come with less lifetime hours, but more than makes up for it by its quality. It comes with stainless steel brackets, and the spot beam pattern allowing you to see clearly and far ahead.


Rolinger offers a product that anyone can buy, and that will fill the need of a bright LED light bar. It is one of the best products to buy because of the affordability and the fact that this 4 inch light bar can go almost anywhere and on almost anything.

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If you are looking for a great four inch LED light bar to mount on your vehicle or at work, be sure to check out these best four inch lights for sale today. These lights are sure to be a great advantage to your vehicle and your vision.

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