Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 10 inch LED Light Bar

Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 10 inch LED Light Bar
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E-Series 10 inch LED Light Bar

The Rigid E-Series LED 10 inch light bar features Rigid’s patented forward-projecting hybrid optics for top power-to-light efficiency and penetrating, night-busting beams. Its nearly 6000 raw lumen rating produces a beam that reaching out almost 800 meters. The spot beam model provides plenty of road illumination even at high speeds.

Its relatively small size is unobtrusive when mounted within the front bumper of a highway vehicle. If you already have a longer light bar mounted, then the 10 inch E-series makes a superb auxiliary light especially if two floods are mounted at off-center angles to the sides.

Rigid E-Series light bars not only produce the brightest beams for the least power but are built as rugged as they come. Its extruded aluminum 2-piece housing includes an advanced cooling system for cool-running LEDs. Custom seals contribute to its IP68 rating along with a high quality pressure equalization and a waterproof Deutsch wiring connecter.


Rigid’s E-Series 10 inch LED light bar puts out over 30 percent more light for the same power input than the cheap import light bars. Side-by-side comparisons with equal size light bars clearly demonstrate Rigid’s ability to outshine the competition. This is a result of their many years of in-house design and engineering efforts at their U.S. manufacturing plant in Arizona.

The RGDL10 has a number of industry-leading advantages:

  • Bright white LEDs with 100 raw lumens per watt and a 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Multiple, 94 percent efficient LED driver circuits protect against out-of-spec voltage inputs
  • Rigid’s advanced LED cooling technology is built right into the extruded aluminum housing
  • The unbreakable polycarbonate lens combined with advanced reflectors form Rigid’s patented Hybrid optics system for 97 percent forward light efficiency
  • Custom neoprene seals and finely machined surfaces keep out dust and water
  • A GORE™ breather vent maintains a steady pressure differential at any altitude.
  • The 10 inch light bar kit includes 304 stainless steel mounting brackets, wire harness, switch and all mounting hardware
  • Flood, Spot and Combo bars can be ordered with fog-penetrating amber LEDs


All four beam configurations have these characteristics:

Feature Description
LED Array Double-row
Number LEDs 20
Weight 3.45 lbs
LED power 3.75W
Total power 65W
Current draw 4.71A
Length 12 inches with brackets
Lumens 5740
Beams Spot, Flood, Combo, Diffuse
Voltage 9 to 36VDC

These are the specs for each beam type:

Beam Type Beam width Lux at 10m 1 Lux distance Beam distance Peak Intensity cd
Spot 10 degrees 2530 503m 1006m 253000
Flood 20 degrees 260 161m 322m 26000
Combo 10/20 degrees 1500 387m 775m 150000
Diffuse 60 degrees 50 71m 141m 5000

Pros and Cons



  • Hybrid optics focuse 97 percent of LED light forward
  • Housing and wiring connector with IP68 intrusion rating
  • Rugged, 3-position mounts are included
  • Four beam configurations available
  • Comes with wiring harness, switch and mounting brackets


  • Expect to pay a fair price for a light bar of such high quality

What Buyers Are Saying

One Rigid 10 inch LED light bar review noted that compared to his H3 HID driving lights he is now able “… to see 4 times farther down the road at night,” which helps him avoid encounters with elk and deer on his remote mountain roads. He uses a combo beam, which is the most popular configuration. It has 20 LEDs total, with 12 in the middle dedicated to a spot beam and 4 on each side for flood illumination.

Despite the nearly 6,000 raw lumens output of an E-Series 10 inch bar, most off-roaders use one to supplement larger lights especially for rear and side illumination. ATV riders who hit the trails at night find it to be a light they cannot outrun even at their highest speed. Boat operators find it the ideal size for navigation or docking.

At least one owner put in his 10 inch LED light bar review that he purchased a 10 inch spot with amber LEDs mounted beneath the front bumper as a fog lamp. With the amber LEDs, backscatter from water droplets is nearly eliminated, so it penetrates a couple hundred meters of heavy fog or mist.

Despite the cost of a Rigid LED light bar, it is hard to find anyone who is disappointed with the quality of the light output. Very occasionally, someone receives a light with an imperfection, but Rigid’s customer service rectifies these situations promptly.


Clearly, the Rigid E-Series 10 inch LED light bar is money well spent if you need a dependable, standalone, super-bright road or trail light. Rigid offers it in any beam configuration you need, for long-distance spotting or as a work area floodlight. The combo is ideal for both highway and off-road use. As reviews show, it is nearly impossible to go wrong when purchasing one of these.

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