Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 50 inch LED Light Bar Review

Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 50 inch LED Light Bar Review
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50 LED Light Bar
For maximum brightness and the largest selection of flash patterns, the Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 50 inch LED light bar is unbeatable.


long-lifeDimensions: 50.31 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches

long-lifeWeight: 14.3 lbs.

long-lifeFlash patterns: 20+ strobe and flash patterns with built-in traffic advisors

long-lifeNumber of light heads: 22

long-lifeTotal number of LEDs: 86

long-lifeLED power: 1W each, four 3W takedown/alley lights optional

long-lifeLED colors available: white, amber, blue, red, green, purple

long-lifeInput voltage: 12VDC

long-lifeCurrent draw: 7.5A



  • 86+ Watts of super-bright LED light
  • Optional takedown, alley and stop/turn light heads
  • 20+ versatile flash and strobe patterns
  • 11 built-in T/A patterns per mode
  • 3-year warranty


  • Additional custom mounts would be nice

Prestige’s Biggest, Brightest Emergency LED Light Bar

Its 86 super-bright Gen3 1W LEDs coupled with advanced TIR-optics provides brighter alerts than any other emergency service light bar. Prestige offers LED color choices of white, blue, red, amber, green and purple. You design the exact light head combo you need online.

The two front-center light heads can be replaced with 3W takedowns. The standard end light heads can be replaced with 3W clear-white alley lights as well. Stop/turn light heads can be ordered for the rear corners.

Each 50 inch LED light bar has 11 traffic advisor patterns built-in and over 20 flash/strobe modes. Traffic-left, traffic-right and traffic-center-out patterns are a few of the choices available from the compact multi-function controller. The last flash pattern used is always available at the touch of a button.

The LUMAX Warrior 50-inch light bar mounts securely to any vehicle’s roof with universal gutter mounts. The thin, low-profile cross-section of this light bar minimizes air resistance while maximizing stealth.

For EMS, police, fire or other public safety or work vehicles, the 50-inch LUMAX Warrior provides the absolute pinnacle in brightness and head-turning alert capability.


50 LED Light Bar

LUMAX Warrior Series 50 inch LED Product Details

The Prestige LUMAX Warrior 50-inch light bar has loads of advanced technology and features:

  • 86 super-bright Gen3 1W LEDs
  • Prestige TIR optics for maximum luminosity
  • 22 light heads, 10 front and back plus two side lights
  • Six LED light head colors are available
  • Optional 3W front takedowns, 3W side alley lights and 1W stop/turn lights at rear corners are available
  • 20+ flash patterns with 360-degree alert capability
  • Single button last flash pattern recall
  • Durable, heat sink enclosure extends LED life
  • Completely protected against water, heat and dust
  • Universal gutter mounts for roof mounting

What Buyers Are Saying

This top-of-the-line 50 inch LED light bar offers the ultimate in attention-getting visibility, safety and durability. Buyers choosing the longest Prestige LUMAX Warrior simply want nothing less than the brightness and versatility this light offers. It is so rare that this premium light bar is not ordered with both the optional takedowns and alley lights that Prestige should probably include them as standard even if they have to bump the price a little.

Besides the “bigness” of this light bar, reviewers find the built-in traffic advisors and individually controllable takedown/alley lights the most valuable features. Non-emergency vehicle owners often order the light with the front completely configured with white LEDs, including front takedowns, for superior scene illumination. They configure the rear with amber or another color and order stop/turn signals at the rear corners, which come at no additional cost.

Since it is such a long light bar and weighs nearly 15 lbs., one or two buyers are disappointed that Prestige does not offer alternate mounts for vehicles without gutters or situations where the light bar is to be mounted in alternative locations.

featureFinal Verdict

This ultimate emergency light bar, the 50-inch LUMAX Warrior, is Prestige’s flagship product. Considering the size, ruggedness and versatility of this light, the price is a real bargain for those who need maximum visibility and flexibility.

It will stand up to all forms of abuse experienced by emergency and non-emergency public safety vehicles on a regular basis. Prestige’s 3-year warranty is testament to that.

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