Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED Light Bar Review

Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED Light Bar Review
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Prestige LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED Light Bar
Prestige’s LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED light bar sees services on thousands of public safety vehicles including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and highway maintenance vehicles. Tow truck and snow plow operators also find this light extremely useful and convenient day or night.


long-lifeDimensions: 28.3 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches

long-lifeWeight: 8.8 lbs.

long-lifeFlash patterns: Steady-on plus 29 strobe and flash patterns

long-lifeNumber of light heads: 14

long-lifeTotal number of LEDs: 54

long-lifeLED power: 1W each

long-lifeLED colors available: white, amber, blue, red, green, purple

long-lifeInput voltage: 12VDC

long-lifeCurrent draw: 3.5A


  • Brightest LUMAX Warrior LED light bar
  • 29 high-alert strobe and flash patterns with last pattern recall
  • Six customizable LED colors available
  • 3-year warranty


  • Changing patterns requires serial selection

Prestige’s Brightest LUMAX Warrior

This super-bright warning light has 14 separate light heads. Each light head can be individually configured with any of six available LED colors to match situational requirements. Fifty-four 3rd-generation 1W LEDs provide plenty of visibility for scene illumination with the help of Prestige’s TIR optics.

Mounting and dismounting this 28 inch light bar takes a matter of seconds. Super-strong magnetic mounts keep the bar firmly in place at any speed. The durable power cable’s plug fits any cigarette lighter or 12V outlet. There are two integrated switches for on/off and flash pattern selection.


LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED Light Bar


LUMAX Warrior Series 28 inch LED Product Details

Prestige LUMAX Warrior LED light bars feature the latest technology advances and a sleek, modern design with industry-leading features:

  • 54 third-generation 1W LEDs
  • Finned aluminum enclosure wicks away heat for long LED life
  • TIR optics throw 95 percent of each LED’s luminosity forward
  • Full protection against weather and environmental hazards
  • Magnetic mounts hold the light bar firmly in place at over 90 MPH
  • Online, individual light head color configuration at the Prestige website
  • Six LED light colors from which to choose: white, red, blue, amber, green or purple
  • 29 strobe and flash patterns and 360-degree visibility
  • Last pattern memory recall eliminates searching for the preferred flash pattern
  • A 13-foot cable with cigarette lighter plug and integral switches is included
  • A 12-foot extension cable is available

What Buyers Are Saying

Purchasers of this 28 inch LED light bar are looking for the brightest and most versatile emergency alert light they can buy. Six LED colors and individual light head configuration are the most-mentioned features. Color combinations and the wide choice of strobe and flash patterns instill the highest level of awareness in surrounding traffic.

This Prestige video demonstrates the 29 flash patterns on their Warrior Mini, although they are more spectacular on the full-size 28-inch Warrior.

Non-police vehicle owners, such as snow plow operators, often choose either an all-amber configuration for a warning light bar or an all-white configuration for scene illumination. Some owners install one of each.

The ultra-low profile and easy installation and de-installation of this light bar are two key features frequently mentioned as well. The only fault a couple reviewers found was that the Warrior does not have takedowns.

featureFinal Verdict

More colors, flash patterns and online configuration make this 28 inch LED light bar a market leader for public safety vehicles. Their superior brightness and ease of installation make them and obvious choice for permanent and on-demand mounting.

The 28-inch LUMAX Warrior is Prestige’s brightest and highest value light bar. The sleek, low-profile design accommodates single or stacked mounting.

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