Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 20 inch LED Light Bar

Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 20 inch LED Light Bar
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E-Series 20 inch LED Light Bar

The most popular size of all Rigid E-Series LED light bars is the 20 inch model. It is an excellent all-around light with extreme distance lighting plus it fits into almost any 4WD vehicle’s bull bar or roof rack.

Many buyers looking for their first quality LED light bar are drawn to the 20 inch size because they want plenty of light without breaking the bank. Once they see how the Rigid E-Series performs, however, they realize that buying additional auxiliary lights or stepping up to longer bars is well worth it.

Unlike smaller light bars in the E-Series line, the 20 inch lights only comes in Spot, Flood and Combo beam configurations. The combo bar can also be order with amber LEDs for driving in fog or mist. Just like all the other E-Series sizes, this one is built with a super-rugged, vibration-free, IP68 housing, top quality, modular circuitry and Rigid’s patented Hybrid optics system. All of it has been designed, engineered and manufactured at Rigid’s U.S. plant.


The E-Series 20 inch light bar uses the same high-output, low power draw LEDs that make the E-Series a market leader with over 100 raw lumens per watt. The light output from cheaper lights of the same length literally pales by comparison to Rigid’s E-Series. Not only are Rigid’s LEDs putting out over 30 percent more light, their Hybrid optics ensure that nearly 100 percent of that light is put on the road, trail or work area ahead.

The popular 20 inch light bar has several features to beat the competition:

  • 6000K super-white LEDs with a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours
  • Modular LED boards that ensure failsafe operation
  • Precision drivers keep current in a narrow range while protecting against voltage anomalies
  • Every LED is actively cooled by oversize heat sinks built into the durable extruded housing
  • Rigid’s computer-designed reflectors combine with an optically clear lens to concentrate 97 percent of each LED’s light in tightly specified beam patterns
  • Lifetime-quality molded seals and short screw spacing keep dust and moisture outside the housing
  • A GORE™ pressure equalization vent means zero pressure differential inside the light regardless of elevation
  • The 20 inch kit includes quality 304 stainless steel mounting hardware and a custom wire harness with relay, switch and IP68 Deutsch connector


All four beam configurations have these characteristics:

Feature Description
LED Array Double-row
Number LEDs 40
Weight 6.15 lbs.
LED power 3.75W
Total power 110W
Current draw 7.97A
Length 24 inches with brackets
Lumens 9200
Beams Spot, Flood, Combo
Voltage 9 to 36VDC

These are the specs for each beam type:

Beam Type Beam width Lux at 10m 1 Lux distance Beam distance Peak Intensity cd
Spot 10 degrees 3530 594m 1188m 353000
Flood 20 degrees 380 195m 390m 38000
Combo 10/20 degrees 2620 512m 1024m 262000

Pros and Cons



  • Powerful enough to be the only light bar you need
  • Perfect fit for bull bars, roof racks and grills
  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing with generous heat sinks built-in
  • Three beam configurations available
  • Sturdy, weatherproof mounting hardware and wiring kit


  • No amber LEDs in flood or spot configurations
  • No tube mount for roof light bar racks

What Buyers Are Saying

The factors that make the E-Series 20 inch model so popular are easy to find in almost any 20 inch LED light bar review extolling its features and “wow factor.” Owners love its ideal, but versatile fit. The powerful 9200 raw lumens combo beam is a huge hit with an astounding 1km beam distance and under 10W power draw. On the highway, neither the spot nor combo are easily outrun. For off-road four-wheeling, the 20 inch bar is bright enough to serve as a primary light.

The combo beam has 24 LEDs in the middle spot section, which is 4 more LEDs in an entire 10 inch E-Series spot beam. That leaves 8 LEDs on each side to flood road or trail sides. As more than one 20 inch LED light bar review notes, the combo swamps the light from high power headlights while using a fraction of the power. Speaking of swamps, many buyers “abuse” these lights with full submersion in mud holes without any ill effects. About the only drawback noted by buyers have been a few missing bolts and the lack of a tube mount.


Few, if any, first-time Rigid light bar buyers are disappointed in their products’ performance and durability. The 20 inch E-Series light bar is no exception in that regard. It may be the perfect first-time Rigid buyer light due to its convenient size and mounting versatility. Many buyers will never need to buy another light bar. It may seem pricey, but when you experience its gloom-shattering brightness, you will see everyone thinks it is well worth the cost.

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