Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 6 inch LED Light Bar

Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 6 inch LED Light Bar
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E-Series 6 inch LED Light Bar

The Rigid E-Series LED 6 inch light bar, product code RGDL06, with forward-projecting LED optics is a popular size for ATVs. Mounting a 6 inch combo beam forward and an amber diffuse beam on the back is an ideal configuration for penetrating the gloom ahead and increasing visibility behind. UTVs often mount two of these 6 inch floods on the corners.

Its compact size makes it amenable to various mounting options. The spot beam on a swiveling roof light bar mount makes an excellent game spotting light. The 6 inch flood will light up any campsite when tripod mounted and run off a generator or battery.

Rigid E-Series light bars boast the highest ratio of lumens to watts among high-end manufacturers. Thus, you get more light for less power than the cheap import light bars. Rigid LED light bars have a well-deserved reputation for ruggedness also. That is why you find them in commercial and industrial applications such as drilling and mining besides adding illumination for highway and off-road vehicles of all kinds.


Rigid’s E-Series 6 inch LED light bar has a 94 percent conversion of input power to light. That is over 30 percent more efficient than typical bargain LED light bars. Each E-Series LED puts out 100 raw lumens of light. The 6 inch light bar outputs an astounding 2,520 raw lumens while consuming only 24 watts of power. Coupled with Rigid’s patented hybrid optical system, 97 percent of that light reaches the road, trail or campsite.

Every Rigid LED light bar is of top quality having been designed, engineered and assembled in their Arizona plant.

Rigid’s E-Series 6 inch light bar can be ordered in one of four beam configurations: spot, flood, combo or diffused. Diffused versions are flood configurations with a special front lens.

The RGDL06 is full of advanced features:

  • Super-bright, super-efficient LEDs with a 50,000 lifespan
  • Oversize heat sinks integral with the light bar housing keep LEDs cool for longer life
  • Advanced LED driver circuits also prolong LED life and include over/under voltage protection
  • The optically clear polycarbonate lens is virtually unbreakable
  • Rigid’s hybrid optics eliminate voids and hotspots in the beam pattern
  • Molded neoprene seals and closely spaced screws contribute to its IP68 rating
  • Gortex breather vent equalizes interior pressure to keep out moisture
  • Rigid E-Series lights and mounts are rugged and vibration-free
  • Separate LED modules means one can fail without affecting the remaining modules


These specifications shared among the four beam configurations:

Feature Description
LED Array Double-row
Number LEDs 12
Weight 2.35 lbs
LED power 3.75W
Total power 45W
Amp draw 3.26A
Length 7.4 inches without mount
Lumens 4500
Beams Spot, Flood, Combo, Diffuse
Voltage 9 to 36VDC

These are the specs for each beam type:

Beam Type Beam width Lux at 10m 1 Lux distance Beam distance Peak Intensity cd
Spot 10 degrees 1750 418m 667m 175000
Flood 20 degrees 170 130m 210m 17000
Combo 10/20 degrees 690 263m 525m 69000
Diffuse 60 degrees 33 57m 94m 3300

Pros and Cons



  • Durable 3800 Polyester powder coat over extruded aluminum housing
  • IP68 rated housing and Deutsch connector
  • Four beam configurations available
  • Amber LEDs available for Flood, Spot, Combo light bars
  • Custom mounting hardware available from Rigid


  • Combo beam creates a circular light pattern that some owners do not like

What Buyers Are Saying

One Rigid 6 inch led light bar review proclaimed the E-Series 6 inch light bar to be a “true gem” for their off-road desert adventures. That buyer uses a pair of 6 inch spots for driving his ATV at high speeds on desert trails in pitch black conditions. Other trail riders are surprised that this short of a light bar makes their 4WD vehicle’s headlights on high-beam seem superfluous off-road.

The combo beam is a popular choice among buyers. One buyer compared his Rigid 6 inch light bar to a friend’s Chinese import spot light bar 3 times the length and it easily outdistanced it. The combo beam is popular for night boating as well, but a couple reviewers noted that when forward-mounted it fades into the distance where there are no objects to reflect the light. In that case, it works better to mount two combo lights each angled away right and left from center.

One buyer was disappointed that the wiring harness and switch was missing from his new package. Missing parts can happen with any manufacturer, but in this case Rigid sent out the missing part and he had it in a few days.


The Rigid E-Series 6 inch LED light bar is versatile, durable and bright as hell. It does a superb job as a trail light even when it is the only light bar mounted. ATV/UTV owners find this an ideal size for a forward light, while 4WD and truck owners often mount the floods as auxiliary lights for illuminating work sites and campsites. As with any Rigid LED light bar, these are built to the highest standards and are built to last.

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