Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 4 inch LED Light Bar

Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 4 inch LED Light Bar
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E-Series 4 inch LED Light Bar

The Rigid E-Series LED 4 inch light bar, product code RGDL04, is the smallest member of Rigid’s first forward projecting LED light bars. It is a highly versatile light bar in terms of mounting options and beam configuration choices. While consuming the least amount of power possible, it projects nearly 100 percent of its light directly ahead to the extreme distances using advanced optics and high-efficiency circuitry.

No other manufacturer of LED light bars can exceed Rigid’s ratio of raw lumens to watts of input power. This light bar easily finds a multitude of applications on passenger cars, trucks, farm equipment, UAVs, race cars and emergency responder vehicles.


Rigid’s E-Series 4 inch LED light bar converts 94 percent of input power into light versus the typical 70 percent ratio for less expensive imported light bars. Quite simply, it gives you more light with less power. All Rigid LED light bars are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.

This 4 inch light bar comes in three different beam configurations: spot, flood or diffused. The diffused version uses the same internal optics as the flood configuration but with a different lens. Each quality made, high-power LED has a 50,000 hour life expectancy. Unlike HID light bars, there is no ballast required.

The RGDL04 is engineered with several other advanced features which may not be found in competing products:

  • Each LED puts out 100 or more lumens
  • The built-in, custom designed heat sinks ensure the LEDs run cool, bright and last longer
  • Advanced LED driver circuits direct 97 percent of input power to the LEDs and include over/under voltage protection
  • The Lexan lens is free of optical anomalies and is virtually unbreakable
  • 94 percent of each LED’s light output shines directly ahead thanks to Rigid’s patented hybrid reflector-lens combination
  • Shadows and hotspots in the beam are eliminated, which significantly reduces eye fatigue
  • Customized, molded neoprene seals make the enclosure entirely waterproof
  • Housing screws are placed at 10 inch intervals to ensure a tight seal
  • A GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent keeps moisture out at any altitude
  • The mounts, housing and internal components are designed to eliminate vibration during driving or trail exploration
  • LED sections are isolated such that damage to one part does not cause another section to fail


These are the baseline specifications shared among the three possible beam configurations.

Feature Description
LED Array Double-row
Number LEDs 8
Weight 1.9lbs
LED power 3.75W
Total power 30W
Amp draw 2.17A
Length 4 inches without mount
Lumens 3000
Beams Spot, Flood, Diffuse
Voltage 9 to 36VDC

These are the specific characteristics of each beam configuration:

Beam Type Beam width Lux at 10m 1 Lux distance Beam distance Peak Intensity
Spot 10 degrees 1111 333m 667m 111100
Flood 20 degrees 110 105m 210m 11000
Diffuse 60 degrees 22 47m 94m 2200

Pros and Cons



  • Lightweight, compact with a powerful beam
  • IP68 rating for housing and connectors
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere on a vehicle
  • Three separate beam configurations are available
  • Flood and Spot beams can be ordered with amber LEDs
  • Rigid offers a wide variety of mounting options and hardware


  • No combo beam mode is available

What Buyers Are Saying

Rigid’s dedication to well-considered designs, engineering and assembly are clearly reflected in nearly any 4 inch led light bar review site that includes their brand.

Perhaps more so than other size light bars in the E-Series, the 4 inch model finds more mount points because of its convenient size. Highway drivers love the road illumination when they are mounted low on the bumper or in the grill. With amber LEDs, they make superb fog lights.

Off-road users find the super-penetrating spot version an excellent hazard and game light even at high speeds.

Flood beam versions of this light bar are perfect for auxiliary lights, especially when using swivel mounts so that work sites, accident scenes or campsites get plenty of illumination. The Rigid 4 inch E-Series flood configuration even puts to shame the spots from cheap, imported lights.

These lights do not always receive 5 or 4 star reviews of course. However, the small number of negative reviews that do appear are nearly always due to inadvertent purchases of seconds or returns that had some use. Some came without a complete wire harness. These are the only real blemishes you see in a Rigid 4 inch led light bar review and it is unfortunate that Rigid has no control over such sales.


The Rigid E-Series 4 inch LED light bar is, unsurprisingly, a high quality light engineered for maximum light output, super efficiency and durability. No matter where you choose to mount one of these, it will give many years of service, enhance your visibility and illuminate any road or trail in the harshest weather.

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