Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 50 inch LED Light Bar

Rigid LED Light Bar Review: E-Series 50 inch LED Light Bar
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E-Series 50 inch LED Light Bar

How much light can you handle? Rigid’s largest E-Series LED light bar, measuring in at 50 inches, may help you answer that question. Coming over a ridge at night, observers below will think dawn is coming early with this light bar mounted on your vehicle’s roof or rack. It is that bright.

You may find a 50 inch LED light bar review for another brand that says it is the brightest, but side-by-side video comparisons of Rigid light bars versus cheap imports will convince you otherwise:

Yes, you are going to spend some green to get the biggest and brightest from the Rigid E-Series. Fortunately, Rigid’s superb engineering and assembly expertise at their Arizona plant have built this light bar to be as rugged as they come both mechanically and electronically. It all starts with choosing only the highest quality 5W LEDs, running them cool with fine control over current and voltage and housing it all within an extremely tough extruded aluminum housing with an IP68 certification.

This light bar is virtually impervious to mud, rain, dust, sleet, snow and hail. Additionally, the case and mounting hardware together eliminate beam bounce and vibration. Branches, gravel and just about anything else the trail can throw at it will not deter it from lighting up what is ahead for thousands of meters.


The 50 inch E-Series light bar is available in Spot, Flood and Combo beams. The Combo light bar can be fitted, optionally, with amber LEDs for foggy conditions.

Rigid’s E-Series is well-known for its durability, high efficiency, brightness and long life thanks to an incredible number of advanced features:

  • Powerful, crystal-white LED lamps that last over 50,000 hours with minimal luminosity drop-off
  • Rigid’s Hybrid patented optic system delivers 97 percent of LED light in the forward direction
  • This light is rated at a staggering 23000 raw lumens
  • The Lexan lens is virtually unbreakable and optically clear
  • Finely tuned LED drivers and modular electronic design contribute to long-life illumination
  • Oversize heat sinks integral with the 6063 aluminum housing keep this light bar running cool to the touch
  • Internal air pressure is equalized with a GORE™ valve
  • IP68 certification throughout due to tight-fitting neoprene seals, over 50 stainless screws and a waterproof cable connector
  • With each 50 inch light bar comes multi-position, shock-absorbing brackets, a complete wiring harness, switch and relay


Specs for all 3 beam configurations:

Feature Description
LED Array Double-row
Number LEDs 100
Weight 14.25 lbs.
LED power 3.75W
Total power 275W
Current draw 19.93A
Length 53 inches nominal
Lumens 23000
Beams Spot, Flood, Combo
Voltage 9 to 36VDC

Beam type specs:

Beam Type Beam width Lux at 10m 1 Lux distance Beam distance Peak Intensity cd
Spot 10 degrees 8170 904m 1808m 817000
Flood 20 degrees 840 288m 580m 84000
Combo 10/20 degrees 6040 777m 1554m 604200

Combo beam light bar can be ordered with amber LEDs.

Pros and Cons



  • Maximum darkness penetration and flooding
  • Nearly two kilometer spot beam distance
  • Failsafe electronics construction
  • Hybrid reflector/lens optics full LED light output
  • Runs cool to the touch
  • IP68 certification to counter the worst trail, highway or work conditions


  • No amber LEDs for the flood beam version
  • Mounting/wiring instructions need updating

What Buyers Are Saying

You will pay a little extra to acquire Rigid’s largest E-Series light bar, but when you switch it on to light up a dark, mountain highway or tree-lined, rocky trail, the slight pinch in your wallet area will fade quickly. As any Rigid 50 inch LED light bar review will attest, this light pulverizes the surrounding gloom. Phrases such as “ridiculously bright,” “unreal,” and “awesome,” appear regularly in owner reviews.

At this size of light bar from Rigid, the difference in beam penetration between a pure spot and the combo configuration may not be noticeable by many drivers. Certainly, you are not going to overdrive the 1.5km penetration of the combo at legal speeds and its additional side flood lighting is helpful.

More than one review did note problems with wiring instructions that led to a blown fuse. The best advice is to connect the black wire on the switch’s brass tab and put the blue wire on the center tab to avoid this problem.


Even if you never turn on this baby, your friends will be appropriately impressed. However, you would be crazy not to hit the trail and enjoy the almost legendary illumination of your surrounds by this powerful, well-made light bar.

In the E-Series, this is the brightest you can go with a single light. It represents the pinnacle of Rigid’s E-Series expertise. If you can afford it, if it fits, if you will truly take advantage of its brightness, then there is no reason not to have it gracing your vehicle.

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