Black Oak 50 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak 50 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review
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Black Oak 50 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak 50 Inch S-Series Single-Row LED Light Bar

When you want your off-road vehicle to look like dawn coming over the horizon, Black Oak’s 50-inch S-Series LED light bar is just the ticket for turning night into day. Equipped with 50 top-bin 5W OSRAM LEDs, this light bar delivers a night-ripping 27,500 raw lumens of clear, white brightness. If you think that is a bit much, drop back to Black Oak’s 3W LED version, which still puts out an impressive 15,550 raw lumens.

This light bar also offers three beam patterns.

  • Choose the Spot beam for deep penetration that you will never outrun at top speed. Hunters love it for seeking game up to a mile away.
  • The 50-inch S-Series Flood beam sets awash the entire scene from shoulder to shoulder.
  • The Combo beam pattern is a popular choice as it combines the Spot/Flood patterns, which makes it a light for all seasons and applications.

Whichever LED option or beam option you choose, rest assured that you can take this rugged light bar wherever the trail or road leads you. It is built from the highest quality materials and components. Black Oak’s lab torture tests prove it will withstand the harshest environmental conditions you may encounter.

They built this light bar to the maximum intrusion rating of IP69K and U.S. military standard MIL810-STD. To get there, this light has undergone hot water sprays up to 1450 PSI from every angle to ensure it is entirely waterproof.

If you are looking for a sleek, aerodynamic light that puts out the highest luminosity possible plus durability that will outlast your vehicle, the Black Oak single-row 50 inch LED light bar delivers all that. Check out the specs below and you will see it meets or exceeds even the top-rated competition with a wickedly discounted price they cannot match. Additionally, this light is backed by the best money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty.

featureKey Product Features

  • 50 top-quality, 95 percent efficient, 50,000-hour OSRAM LEDs
  • 50 stainless fasteners and custom lens seal to achieve an IP69K rating against dust, moisture, snow and ice
  • Sleek, low-profile design for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and great looks
  • Unbreakable, optically clear polycarbonate lens stands up to trail grit and rocks
  • Two LED power options plus three beam patterns available


  • The brightest single-row LED light bar you can buy
  • Half the price of “leading” brands with equal performance and quality


  • No additional mounting options other than end brackets

50-inch S-Series LED Light Bar Technical Specs

led featuresNumber of LEDs: 50 5W or 3W high-efficiency OSRAM LEDs

led featuresWattage: 150W or 250W for 3W and 5W LEDs, respectively

led featuresMaximum current draw: 3W version pulls 14.2A, 5W version pulls 20.4A

led featuresWeight: 12.1 pounds

led featuresIllumination Power: 27,500 and 15,550 raw lumens for the 5W and 3W versions, respectively

led featuresIP Rating: IEC standard 60529 IP69K intrusion rating

led featuresBeam Patterns Available: Flood, Spot, Combo

led featuresAccessories: Stainless steel mounting bracket, hardware and full wiring harness are included

led featuresWarranty: 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime limited warranty


led light bar applicationsOff-road, the 50-inch S-Series provides the lowest profile with the highest brightness. It is used for maximum distance or the widest illumination field as a main driving light. 4×4 owners appreciate the minimal air resistance during highway driving.

led light bar applicationsEmergency and police vehicles responding to unlit areas utilize this light bar for maximum scene illumination. It is also popular with road crews, tow trucks and snow plows who need as much light as possible on dark, backcountry roads.

led light bar applicationsLarger watercraft mount this light bar on the bow for navigating rivers and estuaries as it allows the broadest field of view.

What’s in the Box?

Every Black Oak S-Series light bar comes with all the hardware and wiring accessories for a complete installation right out of the box. All you need are a few hand and power tools and an hour or two of spare time to have your light mounted and switched on. If there are any issues, Black Oak customer service is ready to help you out.


Black Oak’s 50-inch S-Series light is an outstanding example of Black Oak’s commitment to using the highest quality designs, engineering and top-drawer components. You will not find any off-bin LEDs in their lights. Their quality LED drivers optimize LED efficiency and ensure maximum lifespan. Buy a knock-off light and within a few months to a year you will experience dimming, burn-outs and flickering due to their use of cheaper LEDs and low-quality circuitry.

Check out LED light bar reviews for any other brand to see the most common complaint is condensation inside the lens after a few weeks or months of use. Black Oak’s IP69K intrusion rating guarantees that will not happen to you. This light makes generous use of fasteners, one every two inches, and a custom rubber seal that never requires dismantling and re-sealing as is the case with so many other light bars.

The only valid gripe in a few reviews is that with a light this long, you sometimes need additional mounting options other than end brackets. It would be nice if Black Oak could start supplying custom mounting hardware to address that issue.


Black Oak LED’s S-Series 50 inch LED light bar delivers more long-lasting brightness and durability for your light bar dollar than any other light bar brand on the market. Compare their technical and quality specs head-to-head with any top-rated light bar maker and you will see why they are the ones to beat. This longest, single-row light bar in Black Oak’s arsenal will deliver the night-shattering illumination you need to conquer any trail, work application or nighttime recreational activity.

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