Black Oak Turret Style LED Light Pod Review

Black Oak Turret Style LED Light Pod Review
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Black Oak Turret Style LED Light Pod Review

Black Oak Turret Style 12W/20W OSRAM or 40W CREE LED Light Pod

Black Oak’s turret style pod lights are one of the brightest, toughest, most versatile high-power LED lights ever. They are available in an astonishing selection of 12 configurations of illumination power and beam patterns and fit any vehicle, UTV, ATV, tractor or heavy equipment in almost any location.

Their overall shape is a cube approximately 3.25 inches on a side, so they can nestle easily inside your vehicle’s bumper or trim. Off-road vehicles with a light mounting bar or roll bar can support several pods in a row to achieve custom illumination fields.

Each four-LED pod can be specified in 12W, 20W or 40W power levels using 3W OSRAM, 5W OSRAM or super-powerful 10W CREE XM-L2 LEDs, respectively. All Black Oak LED lights use only top-bin LEDs with maximum brightness, high efficiency and lifespans up to 50,000 hours. That is nearly six years of continuous on-time.

Black Oak’s LED pods offer four lens/reflector options that make them useful in a wide variety of applications.

  • The spot configuration produces a narrow, long-range beam, whereas the flood beam illuminates a larger field of view with somewhat less depth.
  • The amber lens are offered, which makes these turret style pods the best option for piercing fog or dust.
  • Finally, a diffuse lens is offered for indoor applications that need wider, softer lighting.

Each pod’s mount allows 100 degrees of rotation, so you can adjust a single beam or pod array to exactly match the field of illumination you desire. This also makes them the ideal work site light when mounted on a stand for getting the light exactly where you need it the most.

As with all Black Oak LED lighting products, these pods are built to stand up to whatever tortuous conditions your environment has to offer. The LEDs and driver circuit are encased in a rugged, heavy-duty aluminum case that also provides a highly efficient heat sink.

Every pod has been designed and built with an IP69K intrusion rating and meets MIL810-STD requirements. They are backed by a 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime defect warranty.

featureKey Product Features

  • 2×2 array of top-bin, 50,000-hour OSRAM or CREE LEDs;
  • IP69K intrusion rating to withstand dust, rain, ice, snow and submersion;
  • Durable, heavy-duty housing and 100-degree rotatable mount;
  • Four optics options providing spot, flood, diffuse and amber beams.


  • Compact, powerful illumination;
  • 12 power/beam options;
  • Extremely affordable.


  • Lack of 360-degree mount rotation.

Black Oak LED Light Pod Technical Specs

led featuresNumber of LEDs: Four 3W/5W OSRAM or 10W CREE LEDs;

led featuresWattage: 12W/20W/40W;

led featuresMaximum current draw: 1.1A/1.7A/2.8A;

led featuresWeight: 3.3 pounds;

led featuresIllumination Power: 1,244/2,200/3,120 raw lumens;

led featuresIP Rating: IEC standard 60529 IP69K intrusion rating;

led featuresBeam Patterns Available: Flood, Spot, Diffuse, Amber;

led featuresAccessories: Corrosion-proof mounting hardware and full wiring harness are included;

led featuresWarranty: 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime limited warranty against defects and workmanship.


led light bar applicationsThese are popular for both on- and off-road vehicles as spots and fog lamps. They are great for filling in the missing directions and voids left by bigger light bars and make superb backup lights;

led light bar applicationsA pair of 10W CREE spot-beam pods make the ultimate takedown lights for police vehicles;

led light bar applicationsThese are ideal for making super-portable job site lights;

led light bar applicationsFlood and diffuse configurations supplement heavy-equipment area lights and add cabin illumination as needed;

led light bar applicationsThese are a superb low-power option for UTV/ATV trail lights both front and back.

What’s in the Box?

Black Oak turret-style LED light pod comes with all the hardware and wiring accessories for installation. The wiring harness includes cable, relay, switch and fuse, so all you need are common hand and power tools to mount them.


Whether you already have serious LED lighting on your recBlack Oak Turret Style LED Light Pod Review 2reational vehicle, car or commercial equipment or are new to LED lighting, these Black Oak LED pods are for you. Many buyers get these to add a portable, rotatable spot beam to their big light bar trail lights.

Highway drivers purchase the amber versions for super-penetrating fog lights mounted at or below bumper height. They are great starter lights too. The 3W version is easily affordable at under $50 and a pair will outperform any import mid-length light bar easily. The 10W CREE versions are absolutely retina-etchingly bright.

What most buyers love, besides the fantastic combination of high-quality and affordability, are the many options provided in brightness and beam patterns.

If you are a solar-power enthusiast, you will find the diffuse lens ideal for reliable indoor lighting that will last for many years. Whichever of the many configurations you choose, rest assured that the performance and quality of these pods will not disappoint.


Black Oak’s LED Pod lights can easily find a home on any type of vehicle due to their small size, high output and versatile configurations of illumination power and beam patterns. From cabin lights to high-distance, portable spotlights, these fill the gaps that other, bigger lights miss.

Just because they are small does not mean that Black Oak skimped on materials, components or workmanship however. These are designed and built just as ruggedly as their biggest, dual-row LED light bars.

They will give many years of unflinching service, backed by a lifetime warranty and at an astonishingly high value-to-price ratio. You will not believe how affordable these industry-leading LED light pods are.

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