Eyourlife 52 inch LED Light Bar Review

Eyourlife 52 inch LED Light Bar Review
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Eyourlife 300W 30000LM LED

Although Eyourlife is considered a budget LED light bar manufacturer, they have a large following of happy buyers who want the most light for their buck. In the roof mounted LED light bar category, they have nine sizes starting at 12″ long with 12 LEDs in a single row up to a 52″ light bar with 100 high-intensity LEDs arranged in two rows. This Eyourlife LED light bar review is focused on the 300W light bar, which has these key features:

  • 30,000 lm of light from 100 3W LEDs
  • Voltage input from 10 to 30 VDC
  • 6100K bright blue-white illumination
  • 60 degree flood combo or optional 30 degree spot beam
  • High light transmission quartz light cover
  • Channel mounting
  • IP67 intrusion rating

Eyourlife 300W 30000LM 52 Inch LED Light Bar Details

This full vehicle width light bar is Eyourlife’s largest and brightest. At just north of $100, it has become a popular choice among first-time LED light bar enthusiasts. Usually, it is mounted on the vehicle roof, but works well grill-mounted, rack-mounted or at the rear of the vehicle as an ultra-bright backup light.

long-lifeHigh Output, Long Life LEDs

The light’s 3W LEDs are not manufactured by CREE, but claim a 50,000 hour lifespan nonetheless. They are mounted within a sturdy painted aluminum housing. The back of the housing is ribbed in order to augment the heat sink system, which is crucial for cool-running and long-lasting lamp life.

long-lifeFlexible Channel Mounting

Eyourlife does not provide custom mounts, but their channel design provides generous flexibility in bracket placement. You simply mount the brackets in the most convenient spot on your vehicle. The light bar is then slid over the brackets for positioning after which the brackets clamp with heavy duty bolts.

quartzHigh Transmission Quartz Cover

The outer lens is a non-focusing, clear quartz panel that provides moisture and dirt protection. Flood or spot beam control is managed by computer-designed, collimated reflectors. There is one reflector per LED. The standard 300W 30000LM produces a flood-spot combo beam with spot functions on each end and flood beam from the middle LED set. Optionally, it can be ordered with only spot beam reflectors for a tighter, more penetrating light beam.


Feature Description
Outer dimensions 55″L x 5″ x 5″
Weight 12 lbs.
IP rating IP67
Input voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Nominal current 12A
Number of LEDs 100 3W high intensity
Light color 6100K bright blue-white
Beam Pattern Combo: 60 degree flood and 30 degree spot. Spot only is optional.
Extras none
Warranty 2 years

Pros and Cons


  • Low purchase cost for the amount of light produced
  • Quartz cover has nearly 100 percent light transmission
  • Channel mounting


  • 6100K has poor color render and may lead to night driving fatigue
  • No wiring harness or relay is provided
  • IP67 is lower than many competitors

What Buyers Are Saying

The typical Eyourlife LED light bar review touts the low price – a little over $100 – compared to the lumen output of this long light bar. Certainly, this light bar gives the biggest bang for the buck even when compared to generic brands. It is too early to tell how much durability comes along at that price, but there are hints in the minority of reviews that offer less than 5-star praise.

Channel Mounting Advantage Overshadowed by Cheap Brackets

Being able to put the mounting brackets in the most convenient position instead of at the ends as most manufacturers require should be a welcome feature. However, when it comes to mounting, many reviewers note that the brackets provided do not work with their vehicle or are not strong enough to hold the light firmly. You probably should expect modifications to the stock mounts for fit and strength.

Intrusion Rating Is Low

An IP67 moisture and dust rating is not weak, but most other light bar makers feature IP68 and a few reach IP69+. The most common negative experience with this light bar is moisture penetration. The majority of buyers avoid this by sealing every seam with high quality silicone as soon as they open the box. That is not a trivial task for this size light bar, which has about 50 screws to loosen and tighten to gain access to all the seams.

Buzzing and Whistling

It is not a frequent complaint, but several buyers have noted a high-pitched whistle while driving at high speeds or the ribbed back of the housing buzzing loudly during high winds.

No Wiring Harness

For a light running at nominally 12 amps, there should be a relay in the circuit as most switches will overheat at that current. The 300W 30000LM only comes with a 24 inch wire pigtail however. At the price they charge, this is easily forgivable.


This one of many LED light bar reviews shows, that Eyourlife made LED bar, that wins on a dollar to lumen basis. It throws out a broad night-shattering flood of light that penetrates hundreds of yards down the road or trail even without the optional 30 degree spot configuration. The longevity of the Eyourlife 300W 30000LM is still an open question, but at a price point just over a hundred bucks you cannot go too far wrong.

The 300W 30000LM is a perfect way to test out the power of a big LED light bar without putting a huge dent in your wallet. You could easily buy 2 or 3 for the price some other makers charge for a light bar this size. When you are ready for a more expensive bar, you can at least re-use the wiring harness you made.

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