Black Oak LED 40 Inch Double Row Curved Light Bar Review

Black Oak LED 40 Inch Double Row Curved Light Bar Review
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Black Oak 40-Inch D-Series Dual-Row Curved LED Light Bar

Highest Quality LED Light Bars at Affordable Prices

Shaking up the automotive LED light bar market is Black Oak™ LED’s mission, which they are exceeding at by offering LED light bars with quality meeting or exceeding those made by top manufacturers but at incredibly low prices. You save hundreds of dollars, while enjoying the brightest, most rugged and long-lasting light bars anywhere. All their products are backed by an industry-leading 30-day full cash-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty against defects.

Why bust your vehicle lighting budget on over-priced light bars that perform no better than those from Black Oak or waste money on cheap, dim imported bars with weak illumination and fogged lenses that start burning out almost as soon as you install them?

Black Oak sells light bars in almost every length, but their 40-inch D-Series curved model is one of their most popular sellers. It puts out up to 500W and 44,000 raw lumens of light that you never outrun even at highway speeds. The curved shape provides additional lighting to the sides while adding a big dash of style to your 4×4, truck, car or boat.

featureKey Product Features

  • As bright or brighter than any competitor’s 40 inch LED light bar
  • 80 top-quality OSRAM LEDs arranged in two rows for maximum illumination
  • A choice of 3W or 5W LEDs for total output of 28,800 or 44,000 raw lumens, respectively
  • Oversize, integrated LED heat sink and high quality drivers for optimal output and long life
  • Three distinct beam options are available: Flood, Spot or Combo
  • Torture-proof, durable aluminum housing that withstands the hardest knocks
  • Unbreakable, scratch-resistant Lexan polycarbonate lens
  • IP69K-sealed against dust, moisture, saltwater, ice, rain and even full immersion
  • Built to U.S. Military standard MIL810-STD
  • IP69K-rated wiring harness and stainless mounting hardware are included
  • Industry-leading cash-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty

Black Oak 40-Inch D-Series Dual-Row Curved LED Light Bar Specs


  • Adds style and maximum brightness to your vehicle or boat
  • Additional flood capability to the sides over straight light bars
  • Worry-free guarantee and warranty

Technical Specs

Three and five watt versions of the 40-inch Curved D-Series light bar are specified below.

led featuresDimensions with brackets: 43 inches long and 4.22 inches high

led featuresWattage Rating: 240W or 400W

led featuresTotal Current: 16.1A or 16.9A

led featuresWeight: 15.4 lbs.

led featuresNumber of 3W or 5W top-drawer OSRAM LEDs in dual-row layout

led featuresRaw Lumens: 24,880 or 44,000

led featuresDust, Ice, Snow, Moisture Rating: IP69K

led featuresOther Ratings: MIL810-STD

led featuresThree Beam Configurations: Spot, Flood or Combo

led featuresAccessories Included: IP69K wiring harness, heavy-duty end brackets and stainless mounting hardware

led featuresWarranty: 30-day cash-back guarantee plus a limited lifetime warranty against defects


Black Oak’s D-Series Curved 40-inch LED light bar finds uses on all types of vehicles, boats and equipment. The gentle curve blends better with most vehicle styling than a straight light bar.

led light bar applicationsFor 4×4 jeep and truck owners, the curved 40-inch D-Series light bar is not only an optimal size with ample brightness but also provides additional peripheral vision.

led light bar applicationsBoat owners also appreciate the extra side illumination for brightening the banks in narrow waterways or rivers. It also provides maximum beam width for lighting up beaches or docks.

led light bar applicationsPolice, fire, ambulances and tow trucks prefer the extra-wide illumination from this bar’s curve for setting accident or incident scenes awash in bright, white light.

led light bar applicationsMounted on trucks or other commercial equipment, this light bar is ideal for illuminating work sites and is versatile enough to run off batteries.

What’s in the Box?

Black Oak’s 40-inch Curved D-Series light bar is shipped in crush-proof packaging. Inside, are detailed instructions plus all the hardware you need for immediate installation. The IP69K wiring harness features a waterproof Deutsch connector, a heavy-duty power relay, dash switch and fuse.

Black Oak LED 40 Inch Double Row Curved LED Light Bar Rotation

Black Oak LED 40 Inch Double Row Curved Review

Just like its “straight” brother, this curved dual-row light bar from Black Oak sports all the same specs with regard to brightness, waterproof rating, build quality and guarantees. It just adds a gentle curve to the length of the housing, which provides two benefits.

  • First, it often makes a better match to modern curved vehicle styling that even makes it look like OEM equipment.
  • Secondly, it delivers a wider beam regardless of whether you chose a flood, spot or combo beam.

The most popular configuration that takes full advantage of that extra curve is the combo beam.

As with all Black Oak light bars, we are overwhelmed with how over-built this light bar is. The dense, durable housing could be used for a baseball bat with no ill effects. The integrated heat sink with extra milled grooves keeps this light running cool and bright. Heat dissipation is key to getting LEDs to reach their expected 50,000-hour lifespan.

Like Black Oak’s other longer light bars, this one might benefit from a mounting channel to allow for additional mount points or special installations, but the included brackets are obviously strong enough to keep it in place even on the roughest trails.

verdictOur Verdict

If you cannot bring yourself to buy one of those cheaply made import light bars and cannot afford the premium prices the big-name makers charge, then Black Oak is the place for you. No other maker exceeds their build quality and brightness and certainly cannot beat their amazing prices.

Their curved 40 inch LED light bar is just one example of many in their full catalog. Be the first on your block to take advantage of their innovative products and prices.

This exceptional curved light bar from Black Oak easily achieves our best 5-star rating.

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