Black Oak LED 6 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak LED 6 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review
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BlackOakLED 6 Inch D-Series LED light bar review

Black Oak 6 Inch D-Series Double Row LED Light Bar

When you need a smaller light bar with acres of brilliance, Black Oak LED’s 6-inch D-Series light bar is the answer.

Black Oak uses the brightest, most-efficient LEDs available anywhere in a super-compact package with a heavy-duty housing that matches or surpasses the quality of any top-name manufacturer in the LED light bar market. Their light bars are simply the brightest and most rugged you can buy anywhere.

Black Oak only uses the highest grade, highest-efficiency OSRAM LEDs in their light bars so you get the most illumination clout for your dollar with minimal power loss. Their LEDs are supported by high caliber LED driver circuitry and oversize heat sinks that ensure optimal operating conditions for every LED.

When you order your Black Oak 6-inch D-Series light bar, you can choose both the beam and the brightness to fit your application. You can specify either 12 3W or 12 5W LEDs and your choice of Flood, Spot or Combo beam patterns for wide, narrow or a mix of both, respectively. Every beam pattern has been engineered with computer-designed reflectors and optics to deliver over 95 percent light forward in a void-free pattern.

BlackOakLED 6 Inch D-Series LED light bar in depth review

Additionally, Black Oak has designed and torture-tested the most rugged, waterproof, dust proof housing in the industry. Every one of their light bars has achieved an IP69K intrusion rating according to international standards and brutal lab tests that spray high-pressure hot water jets at these lights from every angle. They will stand up to any environmental hazard you may encounter off-road, on the highway, over water or at a commercial site.

Black Oak’s 6 inch LED light bar literally fits almost anywhere including vehicle grills, bumpers, below the bumper or swivel-mounted on roof racks. ATV and UTV users find the 6-inch size ideal for mounting around their vehicles on all sides to both increase their visibility and to illuminate trails, back roads and dunes in all directions. As navigation aids, cabin and deck lights or docking lights, they are the favorite of boat owners too. Mount them on a pole or tripod and they make super portable work or site lights that run from any vehicle battery.

When you take Black Oak’s six-inch LED light bar out of the box, you will literally feel the quality that goes into these lights. You quickly understand why they proudly offer a 30-day cash-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty. They have gone to great lengths to ensure you get the best light bar possible at an unbelievably affordable price.

featureKey Product Features

  • Two rows of six choice, 50,000-hour 5W or 3W OSRAM LEDs
  • Computer-designed optics for flood, spot or combination beam patterns
  • Highest water/dust/ice intrusion rating possible: IP69K
  • 6,600 or 3,732 raw lumens of illumination per light bar
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens resists chips and scratches
  • Best warranty in the industry


  • Highly versatile size for dozens of applications
  • Choose from six combinations of beam and power
  • Rugged, reliable and made to outlast your vehicle


  • No stud mounting

6-Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Technical Specs

led featuresNumber of LEDs: 12 3W or 5W top-bin OSRAM LEDs

led featuresWattage: 36W or 60W total

led featuresMaximum current draw: 2.3A or 2.6A

led featuresWeight: 4.4 pounds

led featuresIllumination Power: 3,732 or 6,600 raw lumens depending on LED size

led featuresIP Rating: IEC standard 60529 IP69K intrusion rating includes wiring connector

led featuresBeam Patterns Available: Flood, Spot or Combination beam

led featuresAccessories: Corrosion-resistant mounting brackets and fasteners plus a full wiring harness with a switch, relay, fuse, cable and Deutsch IP69K connector

led featuresWarranty: 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime limited warranty


led light bar applicationsVehicle driving lights or backup lights

led light bar applicationsRotatable spots mounted on over-cab mounting bar or roof rack

led light bar applicationsScene illumination for tow trucks or emergency service workers

led light bar applicationsConstruction site work lights

led light bar applicationsPowerful alley/takedown lights for police cars

What’s in the Box?

The Black Oak D-Series 6 inch light bar comes with everything you need in the box for a professional installation. Detailed instructions, all mounting hardware and a full wiring harness are included.


Black Oak LED lights beg to be compared to the big names in the LED light bar market, such as Rigid. There are countless buyer reviews from Rigid light bar owners that are amazed at how well Black Oak’s light bars are put together and how well they outperform their current light bars. The clincher is that Black Oak products are half the price of the big names. Furthermore, many of those big names have products that are getting long in the tooth technology-wise.

No one complains about the brightness of the compact six-incher nor about them ever fogging up with interior condensation as too often happens with cheap, low-grade import light bars. If anyone did have one fog up, they could take advantage of Black Oak’s generous lifetime defect warranty to get it replaced quickly.

Black Oak is a relatively new company to the LED vehicle lighting market, but that may be why they are trying harder and succeeding at bringing top-quality, affordable light bars to vehicle and heavy equipment owners like no other light bar company can.


Black Oak LED’s D-Series 6 inch LED light bar is built to stand up to whatever the environment, trail or highway hazard you may encounter at a price that will not bust your wallet. They use only the highest-quality components coupled with a torture-proof housing and back it all up with the best guarantee/warranty in the business. If you are looking for a versatile, smaller light bar that will last and shine brighter than any other, you just found it.

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