Black Oak 6 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak 6 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review
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Black Oak 6 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak 6 Inch S-Series LED Light Bar with 5W OSRAM LEDs

Black Oak LED’s S-Series single-row LED light bars are extremely popular due to their high output, aerodynamic shape and stealth profile. The 6 inch LED light bar in this series is a compact light powerhouse that mounts almost unseen in grills, racks or below the bumper. The slim nine-inch bracket-to-bracket width makes them must-have accessories for ATVs, UTVs and watercraft. The mounted light bar fits in a space 2.6 inches high and 3.2-inches deep.

All S-Series LED lights from Black Oak are, of course, built to the highest manufacturing standards with rugged, thick aluminum housings, world-class LED driver circuitry and the highest-efficiency 5W OSRAM LEDs that pulverize darkness. With 5W OSRAM LEDs, the S-Series six-incher produces an astounding 3,300 raw lumens of illumination. You can choose from one of three beam patterns including Spot, Flood or the popular Combo beam that provides both depth and breadth to your lighting needs.

These compact light bars are torture-tested to stand up to any punishment or environmental conditions you will encounter off-road, in industrial applications and on the highway. Black Oak has achieved the highest international standards moisture and dust intrusion rating designated as IP69K, which means they are dust proof, waterproof and withstand a wide range of temperatures, pressures and even full submersion. They also meet U.S. Military standard MIL810-STD and are widely used on first responder and public service vehicles.

Every six-inch S-Series LED light bar comes with a full wiring harness and all the hardware required for installation right out of the box. Black Oak backs the six-inch S-Series with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

featureKey Product Features

  • Six high-efficiency 5W OSRAM LEDs with 50,000-hour rated lifespans
  • 3,300 raw lumens of output per light bar
  • Shatterproof, optically clear polycarbonate lens
  • Military-grade housing, custom lens seal and generous use of fasteners achieves an IP69K intrusion rating against dust, rain, ice and snow
  • Super low-profile for stealth mounting
  • Swivel mount for precise aiming


  • Compact, low-profile for stealth installation with superb aerodynamics
  • Rugged, long-life build and exceptional brightness


  • No amber LED option

S-Series Six-Inch 5W OSRAM Light Bar Technical Specs

led featuresNumber of LEDs: Six high-efficiency 5W OSRAM LEDs

led featuresWattage: 30W

led featuresMaximum current draw: 2.42A

led featuresWeight: 4.4 pounds

led featuresDimensions: 2.6 inches high by 3.2 inches deep by 9.0 inches long bracket to bracket

led featuresIllumination Power: 3,300 raw lumens

led featuresIP Rating: IP69K as specified by IEC standard 60529

led featuresBeam Patterns Available: Spot, Flood or Combo

led featuresAccessories: Stainless swivel bracket and hardware plus complete IP69K wiring harness

led featuresWarranty: 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime defect warranty


led light bar applicationsTypically, the six-inch S-Series light bars are used in pairs on the front of highway or off-road vehicles to provide trail or road illumination. Often, they provide more light than stock headlights.

led light bar applicationsThey are a bit bright for use inside boat cabins, but make excellent deck lights. Due to their short length, they are easy to mount as rotatable navigation or docking lights.

led light bar applicationsHeavy-equipment operators use these in pairs both forward and backward for auxiliary lighting.

led light bar applicationsThese compact light bars mount easily on tripods for lighting up construction sites.

led light bar applicationsThe S-Series six-inch bars make perfect takedown or alley lights on police cars.

led light bar applicationsATVs or UTVs often mount one forward and one backward to increase trail visibility and make their vehicle highly visible to others.

What’s in the Box?

Every Black Oak S-Series LED light bar includes all the mounting hardware, so you can put them on as soon as you open the box. Each light bar comes with a complete IP69K-rated wiring harness that includes cable, relay, switch and fuse and instructions. There is no need for trips to the hardware store to perform a professional installation.


Black Oak’s six-inch, single-row light bar puts out an incredibly bright beam for its size. Off-road, these single-row lights outshine even double-row non-US imitation light bars. At under $100, many buyers get half a dozen of these rugged, capable beams for mounting around their vehicle or boat. Flood beam versions are put to work frequently on job sites either mounted on tripods or truck racks. At less than a 3A draw from each light bar, they are kind to vehicle batteries.

As soon as you take this light bar out of the box, you can literally feel the quality that goes into it. Black Oak only uses top-quality components, circuitry and military-grade air equalization vents so you will not see any interior fogging. The cable length on the wiring harness is more than generous enough for most vehicle installations. You can have a pair of these mounted and wired in an hour or two.

No manufacturer has a higher waterproof/dust proof rating than these light bars offer. The housing and lens can take anything the trail or weather can dish out. It is a shame, as many light bar reviews have pointed out, that Black Oak does not offer the S-Series with amber LEDs so they could be used as fog lights.


Why waste your money and time on dimmer, imported light bars when you can buy Black Oak top-tier quality 6 inch LED light bar that cost far less than the biggest, most expensive light bar brands out there with equal performance?

The six-inch S-Series light bars are built so well that they will very likely outlast your vehicle. Furthermore, they are so compact, bright and affordable that you will surely find plenty of other uses for them after buying your first pair.

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