Black Oak LED 30 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak LED 30 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review
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BlackOakLED 30 Inch D-Series LEd light bar review

Black Oak 30 Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak’s 30 inch LED light bar is the big brother to their popular 20-inch dual-row light bar in the middle of the D-Series product line. As such, it delivers a truly remarkable combination of versatility, power, durability and reliability at an industry-leading price point. You could spend hundreds more chasing better-known light bar brands and still fall short of the performance this light bar offers.

At this level, the top feature buyers look for is brightness. Black Oak hears you loud and clear, which is why they equip this formidable light bar with 60 top-bin OSRAM LEDs in two rows. While one top name in the LED light bar market sells the same size light bar for about 400 dollars more than this model, that light delivers just 40 percent the amount of illumination compared to Black Oak’s 30-inch light bar with 5W LEDs. Even their 3W LED option delivers 35 percent more light than that other brand.

So, did Black Oak skimp elsewhere to provide such outstanding value? They did not. In fact, their optics, lens, housing and circuitry meets or exceeds that of their top competitors handily.

The one-piece, rugged aluminum housing has been torture-tested by driving a truck over it. The shatterproof polycarbonate lens, custom seal and assembly has been subjected to 1400 PSI of hot water streams from every angle to earn it an international standards IP69K intrusion rating, which is the highest obtainable.

To get the highest performance and longest life from any LED, you need tight current and heat control from durable, high-quality LED driver circuitry. That is how Black Oak achieves over 95 percent light output efficiency and keeps their LEDs shining bright throughout their 50,000-hour lifespan.

If you are still not convinced that this is the best dual-row 30-inch LED light bar your lighting dollar can buy, consider that it is also backed by a 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee and a lifetime defect warranty. Not many LED light bar makers can match that level of product confidence.

When your Black Oak LED light bar arrives and you lift it from the box, you will feel why this is the best use of your vehicle lighting budget. Be sure to check out the curved model of this D-Series light bar too.

featureKey Product Features

  • Two rows of 30 top-bin 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs
  • 18,660 or 22,000 raw lumens of day-like illumination
  • Torture-proof aluminum housing with high-efficiency LED heat sink
  • IP69K intrusion and MIL810-STD rated
  • Shatterproof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Full, high-quality IP69K wiring harness
  • Cash-back guarantee with limited lifetime warranty


  • Far outshines competing light bars for hundreds of dollars less
  • Flood, Spot and Combo beams available plus a choice of 3W or 5W LEDs
  • Built to stand up to harsh trail or work site conditions


  • Lacks channel mount option

30-Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Technical Specs

led featuresNumber of LEDs: 60 of the best 5W or 3W OSRAM LEDs

led featuresWattage: 300W or 180W

led featuresMaximum current draw: 12.7A or 12.3A

led featuresWeight: 13.2 pounds

led featuresIllumination Power: 33,000 or 18,660 raw lumens

led featuresIP Rating: IEC standard 60529 IP69K intrusion rating

led featuresBeam Patterns Available: Flood, Spot or Combo

led featuresAccessories: Hefty end brackets, fasteners and full wiring harness

led featuresWarranty: 30-day cash-back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime defect warranty


led light bar applicationsFor 4×4 enthusiasts, this is a primary trail light mounted above the cab or on the bumper

led light bar applicationsATV and UTV owners love these for desert and beach outings

led light bar applicationsHeavy equipment operators use these in lieu of stock lights front and back

led light bar applicationsThey provide superb scene illumination for any public service or EMS vehicle

led light bar applicationsFishing boats use these to light up the deck or search waterway banks

What’s in the Box?

The D-Series 30-inch LED light bar comes with all the mounting and wiring parts you need for a clean installation. In the box are instructions, mounting brackets, hardware and an entire IP69K-rated wiring harness including a Deutsch connector, dash switch, fuse and power relay.


The first thing noted in most buyer reviews is just how damn bright this light bar is. It wins out handily in side-by-side comparison tests with other big names in the LED light bar industry and easily outshines those cheap import lights.

Buyers love how rugged these lights are built too and the ease with which they install. They often remark on how sturdy the end brackets are and how easy the height of the beam adjusts without tools. This is a great feature when using this light bar for both trail driving and campsite illumination.

Due to the length, however, a few owners wish Black Oak supplied a couple more mounting options, such as channel mounts, studs or accessories to add it to a light bar pipe. In the end, however, that is a minor point compared to how much illumination and reliability their lighting dollar delivered.


In the 30 inch LED light bar class, Black Oak’s D-Series 300W light bar considerably outshines the competition in all dimensions: performance, durability and price. Many buyers wish they could give this light bar a rating of ten out of five! Black Oak LED backs up all their products with an industry-leading guarantee and warranty as well.

If you are looking to move up to a light bar that brings extreme daylight to the darkest night and is likely to outlast your vehicle, the D-Series 30-incher fits the bill without busting your budget.

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