Black Oak LED 40 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review

Black Oak LED 40 Inch D-Series LED Light Bar Review
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Black Oak 40-Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar-

A New Leader Bringing Quality and Affordability to LED Light Bars

Black Oak™ LED is creating a growing buzz among off-road and highway drivers, boat owners, public service providers and commercial equipment owners with their top-quality LED light bar products. No other manufacturer makes an LED light bar more rugged, longer-lasting or brighter than Black Oak. Plus, they are bringing these products to market at half the price of the best-known names in the industry.

Those buyers on a limited vehicle lighting budget no longer need to settle for cheap, imported, dim LED light bars that burn out in a matter of months. With the highest quality components, torture-proof housing designs and top-bin, 50,000-hour LEDs, Black Oak LED light bars outlast your vehicle without emptying your savings account.

Black Oak’s 40-inch LED light bar provides an ideal example for how far your lighting dollar can stretch. It is their second longest light bar, which shatters the darkest night with 80 high-power OSRAM LEDs and up to 44,000 raw lumens of illumination. Check out its many features and awe-inspiring specs below.

featureKey Product Features

  • The brightest 40 inch LED light bar available anywhere
  • 80 top-bin LEDs from world-renowned OSRAM in your choice of 3W or 5W lamps
  • From 28,800 to 44,000 raw lumens of illumination depending on LED size
  • Choose from three beam configurations: Flood, Spot or Combo
  • Solid aluminum housing that stands up to any torture
  • Lexan polycarbonate lens is virtually unbreakable
  • Oversize, integrated LED heat sink to keep your light running cool with full output
  • IP69K rated to withstand 30 environmental hazards including full water immersion
  • Meets U.S. Military standard MIL810-STD
  • Complete installation kit including IP69K-rated wiring harness
  • The best cash-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty in the market


  • Perfect cab-mount light bar for smaller width cars or boats
  • Up to 44,000 raw lumens of crazy-bright illumination
  • Complete installation kit included

Technical Specs

These specs are for both power versions of the 40-inch D-Series light bar.

led featuresDimensions including brackets: 4.22 inches high and 43 inches long

led featuresWattage Rating: 240W or 400W

led featuresTotal Current: 16.1A or 16.9A

led featuresWeight: 15.4 lbs.

led featuresNumber of 3W or 5W top-bin OSRAM LEDs: 80 in two rows

led featuresRaw Lumens: 24,880 or 44,000

led featuresDust, Ice, Snow, Moisture Rating: IP69K

led featuresOther Ratings: MIL810-STD

led featuresThree Beam Configurations: Flood, Spot or Combo

led featuresAccessories Included: IP69K wiring harness, stainless hardware and rugged end brackets

led featuresWarranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty


Black Oak’s D-Series 40-inch LED light bar is utilized in a wide variety of recreational, highway, marine and commercial applications:

led light bar applicationsOff-road, it is extremely popular as a windshield or cab-mounted primary driving light for deep and broad penetration on dark trails. It is ideal for hazard/game spotting and providing full-daylight to campsites.

led light bar applicationsBoat owners, both recreational and commercial, use the 40-inch D-Series to light up waterways, illuminate landing beaches and for docking operations.

led light bar applicationsEMS and highway maintenance vehicles use this light bar for scene illumination on the darkest roads.

led light bar applicationsFor illuminating job sites, industrial areas or mining operations, multiple 40-inchers are excellent for providing 360 degrees of illumination. With its 16A current draw, it can be run from batteries easily.

What’s in the Box?

Black Oak’s 40-inch D-Series light bar kit comes packaged in a heavy-duty carton with stiff foam inserts to ensure it arrives undamaged. Complete instructions and everything required for a professional-looking installation is included: IP69K wiring harness, dash switch, relay, fuse and waterproof Deutsch quick-disconnect.

Black Oak LED 40 Inch D-Series Dual-Row LED Light Bar

Black Oak LED 40 Inch D-Series Review

Unpack this second-longest light bar from Black Oak and instantly feel the quality that goes into it. Black Oak has not skimped anywhere on the build, which includes 44 stainless steel fasteners holding in the custom-sealed Lexan lens. It never needs re-sealing as is common practice with imported light bars.

Look carefully for the 20 separate LED modules with four LEDs each. Its modular construction ensures that if one module goes down, the rest stay lit. Black Oak only uses the highest quality LEDs and driver circuits, so your light bar always runs at optimal brightness under a wide range of input voltages. Cheap light bars cheat here, which is the main reason they are dimmer and fail so quickly.

The only drawback we see with this light bar is the single mounting option. Yes, the end brackets are super rugged and vertical beam adjustment without tools is cool, but Black Oak should add a mounting channel to provide additional versatility especially for boats and commercial equipment.

verdictOur Verdict:

Finally, you have a choice in LED light bars that provides both quality and economy. For hundreds of dollars less than the cost of a 40 inch LED light bar from biggest names in the industry, you can enjoy the same durability, longevity and high performance with a Black Oak D-Series 40-inch light bar. It is the only way to get the most bang for your vehicle lighting buck.

For this light bar length, we have no compunctions giving it our best rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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